Case Study: Aerial Cell Tower Inspection

4 Reasons How Drones Can Help with Cell Tower Inspections.

Cell Tower inspections can get costly and time consuming, but they are necessary. Whether it is a new tower which must be inspected or there has been a recent storm, Cell Tower inspections are unavoidable. Here are 4 reasons why using Drones can help save time and cost for inspections.


  1. Drones are Efficient

Drones reduces the man power that it takes to have a full tower inspection. While drone footage does not totally take the need away of having a human inspector it does cut it down. With drones, we can check antenna alignment, take pictures from farther away to get more of the tower but can also get close if more detail needs to be seen. On’s article on drone use for cell towers it was stated, “According to Nokia, its telco drones offered a number of advantages over humans, including covering manual walk tests faster than humans.’ ‘The drones could be used to cut down the frequency of technicians climbing up and down a telecoms tower…” By Liam Tung for Heat Sink.

  1. Cost Effective

According to Wireless Estimator “A report from Price Waterhouse Cooper found that drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor and services in multiple industries, and one major drone services provider said last year, “We will take tower climbers off the towers. That’s our goal and we expect it to fully occur within five years.” In Featured News by Wireless Estimator.

As said above using drones does not completely wipe away the need to have man power but in the end cuts down the price of inspections

  1. Accurate

Often while inspecting a tower it was easy to be a couple inches off or even more if a tape measurer dropped. With a drone this possibility is not even an option. Drone footage of towers helps gain perspective and the bigger picture.

  1. Safer

Though tower inspectors do their best and usually do not have an issue there are times where a fatigued worker can happen upon dangerous situations. In Wireless Estimators blog they stated, “A 22-year-old Lansing, Mich. tower technician was seriously shocked and burned in 2014 when a measuring tape he was using came in contact with a high-voltage power line adjacent to a self-supporting tower he was working on off of I-96 in Coopersville, Mich.” In Featured News by Wireless Estimator.


Drones are somewhat new to cell tower inspection but are making the process much easier, safer, and more efficient. In a recent case study we did, we were able to get the quality pictures you need to inspect for trash, make sure something is not disconnected, and determine any damage that exists. Here are the results:

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