Learn How Utilizing Aerial Images and Video for Farm and Crop Inspections is Benefiting Farmers and Ranchers around Dallas and across Texas

The use of drones or UAV’s is becoming a common practice in the Texas farming community. Many ranchers are seeing the value in new technology and its ability create value in the farming industry. Every crop presents its own challenges and obstacles that are crucial to overcome. The production of a high yield crop doesn’t come easy. Fortunately, drones are making the information you need to know much easier to collect and interpret, giving you the resources needed to react to issues and situations before they become profit losing problems. We can help you capture a real time overview of your entire crop from planting through to harvest.

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Crop Inspections and Assessments, From Planting to Harvesting

Conducting your first aerial inspection before planting season gets you started off on the right foot. We provide you with a thorough inspection of your field so you can plan your planting routes and material quantities based on field conditions. These conditions vary from year to year for various reasons such as rain and snow fall.


Once your crop stats to grow and root in, we get to work. The earlier you start analyzing your crops health, the faster you can react to possible issues that can become major problems. Stunted growth or a slow sprout could be indications of to much water, not enough water, in balance of nitration in the soil, or the need for fertilizer. We help you identify those issues so you can react accordingly, in the exact places that require your attention.


Throughout the mid season we monitor and track various aspects that determine your crops health. Using thermal imaging, we can determine insect infestations. Reviewing NDVI models helps us see where your crop is thriving, under stress, or dying and could require immediate attention. We track how tall your crop is growing, monitor the variations, and determine why growth is slower in some areas as opposed to others.


Throughout the process, hopefully we have been able to help you maintain a healthy crop. Before you harvest, we can provide one last inspection giving you a yield prediction based on plan counts, health, and size, giving you an idea of what your bottom line is going to look like.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial inspection solutions for businesses across Texas.

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