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Commercial Aerial Inspections

Drone technology today has become a huge resource for companies like Structural Engineers, Oil/ Gas Companies, Utility Energy Providers, Public Insurance Adjusters, Roofing Companies, Farmers, Construction Companies, Insurance Companies and more interested in pursuing a proactive maintenance program. Conducting thorough inspections of structures and equipment from hard to reach places has never been more effective and safe. High resolution thermal and standard imagery, paired with the stability of our drone fleet, allows us to conduct inspections up close while keeping a safe flying distance. Through this technology, we can bring you professional detailed visual inspections and written reports, providing you the information you need, when you need it.

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Tarillo Vue provides drone inspection solutions for Texas companies who want to use aerial photography and videography services for commercial structure and equipment inspections.

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Our pilots are both trained and certified for aerial operations and thermal inspections. We require ur pilots to maintain at least a Level 1 Thermorgraphers certification to conduct thermal inspections.

We take safety seriously as it is our number one priority when conducting an aerial inspection. Our safety program is structured to protect all parties involved. We understand that by working with us, you put your reputation on the line. When you request a professional aerial inspection, you will often get a 2 man team consisting of a certified pilot and certified visual observer. Our certified operators and visual observers are all properly trained by Tarillo Vue staff and have prior experience in their respective roles prior to assignment. The pilots roll is to ensure safe operation and constant communication with the drone. The observers roll is to watch ground and air traffic to make sure we do not encounter close proximity with other aircraft of people walking underneath the operation of the aircraft. The observers roll is also to keep an eye on the aircrafts proximity to the structure being inspected and other obstructions that could cause a problem in flight. We often recomend a professional engineer or inspector to accompany the inspection as this individual will be in charge of operating the camera and capturing the images we need to collect.

In comparison to many traditional inspection processes, drones can save a lot of time. When trying to inspect the side of a high rise building, traditionaly you would need to use either a crane boom or scaffolds. Both take a lot time to order and setup, let alone actually use and navigate efficiently. Most requests for drone inspections can be scheduled within about a week and a building can be thoroughly inspected effectibely within a day or 2 depending on the size. Many projects cant afford the time required to properly inspect a site, but have the need. With the use of drones, those time sensitive projects can now be completed quickly and efficiently.

Time is money. If you can cut down on the time spent on a project, you cut down on the costs drastically, saving your client a lot of money compared to traditional methods of inspection.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial inspection solutions for businesses across Texas.

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