Drone Operators and Aerial Photographers — Tarillo Vue Can Bring More New Business to Your Business

At Tarillo Vue we understand that, even with the increasing demand for aerial photography and videography, finding new clients can be difficult. drone operators who take aerial photography for dallas texas companies can make a lot more money


There are a lot of other competitors offering similar services. Also, many potential clients do not know what they really want or may be confused by what your company has to offer them.


In addition, many photographers would rather focus their energy and talent on the actual flight and photography work instead of having to manage marketing, lead generation, account relationships and invoicing/payment collection.


We’re here to simplify the process for you.

Our mission is to connect businesses who need services like yours, with you. We’ll work with you to understand what your core services are and what commercial segments you’re trying to reach.


For example, your company may specialize in drone imagery for commercial real estate properties. Or, you may have a team of fixed wing pilots whose focus is overhead photography of building projects and construction sites. Our approach is to match you with new clients who are searching for your specialties.


How does it work?

When prospective companies contact Tarillo Vue with their project, we collect the details and requirements of the project (including their budget), answer any questions they may have and educate them as to who photography and videography options are available to them.


From there, we prepare a bid package for you that outlines the project details, requirements and budget.


Operator benefits

  • Tarillo Vue can act as a secondary marketing and lead generation source for your business
  • We ensure timely payments on completed projects
  • Inclusion into the Tarillo Vue network
  • We maintain relationships and help you behind the scenes so you can keep working
  • We help grow your business

Let’s get started

To join the Tarillo Vue network or to learn more about how we could provide additional benefit to your company’s efforts, please contact us at (214) 842-6000.

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