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Aerial Mapping

Drone technology today has become a huge resource for companies in need of high resolution aerial mapping and surveying. Pairing this technology with other surveying methods provides an opportunity to fill gaps and cut costs. We can provide you with interactive 2D and 3D site maps including measuring tools, elevation surveys and even plant health evaluations, all with as little as 3 cm to 5 cm of accuracy. Paired with other survey methods, we can help fill in the gaps with accurate

We have found this new technology to be quite valuable to architects, surveyors, civil engineers and oil/ gas companies. We can provide 3D point clouds and maps, contour and elevation maps, 2d topographical surveys and more!

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2D Aerial Map

Cad Overlay

We process hundreds of high resolution images into a true aerial 2D image that can be used in your surveying/ CAD programs. We can consistently get within 3-5cm of accuracy. By partnering w/ a ground surveyor, we capture at least 8 GCP’s (Ground Control Points) from the surveyor to ensure proper scale, geolocation and accuracy.

You also have measuring tool capabilities within the program. You can determine tree heights, distances, volumes, and square footage. We can provide various exports and export sizes to meet your needs.

3D Aerial Map

Your needs can vary based on the demands of the project at hand. We can export 3d models in a .OBJ file giving you a true portrayal of whats in the field, giving you every contour on the property. You can easily plug this into Auto CAD, Rhino and other CAD programs to see how proposed building sites would look, see what shadows and energy studies look like at different times of the day and more.

We can export contour models removing any structures, trees and vegetation to determine true ground level contours, even under dense trees. Being able to see both true ground and above vegetation lines has its uses and benefits in its own way. It also provides a more optimized NURB surface for a more smoothly depicted contour study.

Point clouds can be exported as .las or .xyz files to help provide quality depictions.

Elevation Aerial Map

We can export elevation and contour surveys. Through the implementation of GCP’s, we can determine true AGL Elevations throughout a property from the recorded elevations on those points. Determine tree heights, creek depths, and contours of the land safely and efficiently. The map is adjustable to be able to view and export heights and elevations you need.

We take safety seriously as it is our number one priority when conducting an aerial inspection. Our safety program is structured to protect all parties involved. We understand that by working with us, you put your reputation on the line. When you request a professional aerial inspection, you will often get a 2 man team consisting of a certified pilot and certified visual observer. Our certified operators and visual observers are all properly trained by Tarillo Vue staff and have prior experience in their respective roles prior to assignment. The pilots roll is to ensure safe operation and constant communication with the drone. The observers roll is to watch ground and air traffic to make sure we do not encounter close proximity with other aircraft of people walking underneath the operation of the aircraft. The observers roll is also to keep an eye on the aircrafts proximity to the structure being inspected and other obstructions that could cause a problem in flight. We often recomend a professional engineer or inspector to accompany the inspection as this individual will be in charge of operating the camera and capturing the images we need to collect.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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