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Tarillo Vue Introduces Drone Technology to The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) at Spring 2018 Conference

At the upcoming Spring 2018 Conference for the The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), Tarillo Vue will be showcasing a new ‘leverage technology’ — the use of drones and infrared cameras that help present roof conditions on commercial buildings more clearly than ever before. The benefit to building owners, property managers and the

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Case Study: Drone Thermal Roof Scan in Arlington, TX

About the Roof and Location This is a Modified Bitumen roof is just under 9,000 sq’ and is located in Arlington, TX. The roof had 1 known active leak prior to us performing an inspection. The construction of this roof is comprised of roof insulation, roof board, a base sheet and cap sheet. This roof

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Case Study: Drone Thermal Roof Scan in Mesquite, TX

About the roof and location This is roughly a 220,000 square foot roof located in Mesquite, TX. About 160,000 square feet is a modified bitumen roof that had the gravel aggregate removed for inspection purposes. The other 60,000 square foot of the roof was a fully adhered TPO roof. We were brought in by Quick

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Case Study: Drone Thermal Roof Scan in Port Lavaca, TX

About the roof and location This is a small roof, roughly 6,000 square feet, located on the coast of Texas in Port Lavaca, TX. This facility is owned and maintained by Calhoun County and is the local museum. This roof system is comprised of an old modified bitumen construction. Our core samples indicated the structure

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Drones Vs. Handheld Thermal Roof Inspections: A Quick Overview for Local Dallas Companies Who Need to Identify Possible Leak and Moisture Issues

Should I use a Drone or Handheld when doing a thermal roof inspection? Many people ask us what the advantage is to using drones over providing a hand held thermal roof inspection. We don’t believe that drones are replacing the need for a physical or handheld thermal inspection, but drones do provide value you can’t

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Do You Need Detailed Thermal Roof Inspection Reporting for Your Commercial Properties in Dallas?

Most likely, you will need detailed reporting whether for your own use, insurance purposes or documentation for other service providers. At Tarillo Vue, we understand the need for detailed reports and documentation when manage a roof inspection. Our commercial roof inspection reports are thorough and provide details you might not typically find from similar services.

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