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Case Study: Aerial Cell Tower Inspection

4 Reasons How Drones Can Help with Cell Tower Inspections. Cell Tower inspections can get costly and time consuming, but they are necessary. Whether it is a new tower which must be inspected or there has been a recent storm, Cell Tower inspections are unavoidable. Here are 4 reasons why using Drones can help save

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Commercial Roofing Aerial Video

I have had the privilege to learn a lot about the commercial roofing industry over the last few months. Here are the qualities I have found to be important in finding someone to repair or replace your commercial roof (especially when you are considering spending 6 figures on the project): Puts your interest first Will

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Our First Aerial Photography Award

We are excited to have been nominated as one of the best Dallas Real Estate Photographers in the Dallas Fort Worth Community for 2016! Out of 302 photographers/ videographers reviewed, and 186 curated, we ranked in the top 14 companies with our ability to highlight real estate from an aerial perspective. The selected companies were hand

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How Drones are Changing Commercial Roof Inspections

Traditionally, roof inspections, be it commercial or residential, are done so by physically sending a person up on the roof. The individual walks the roof to inspect problematic areas and submit a report of the findings along with an estimate of repairs or replacement. This process can often be rather risky and time consuming! But,

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