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PCPC Florida Trip

We recently got to go on a trip with Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC) out of Dallas, TX. This is one of my favorite projects we have been privileged to work on so far! PCPC has been going to Panama City Beach in Florida with the High School group since 1992. The goal was to

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Construction Progress Photography- What You Need to Know

Aerial photography of construction progress is nothing new. The industry utilizes the service primarily for legal documentation and to show clients how the project is going. Historically, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft were the only two practical ways to effectively photography how a project is going. Today, drones are infiltrating the industry and changing how

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What Consumers Need to Know When Using Drones for Commercial Use

As the aerial photography industry has evolved with the ever growing use and presence of UAV’s, or drones, there has become a lot of uncertanty and scepticism regarding the rules of regulations of use. People are also unsure about todays privacy policy issues and how they can effect their business. These are things you need to

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Is It Valuable to Use Aerial Photography in Dallas Residential Real Estate?

As a realtor, you are always trying to present value to your clients. By use of Drones in todays world, this gives you the opportunity to do just that, for a price you never could have imagined. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Int’l Realty’s Jonathan Flores recently utilized this resource to do an aerial photo shoot on

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Addison Commercial Realestate Company uses Aerial Photography to Market Office Leases

A Commercial Real Estate Company,  Good Signature Management, of Dallas, Texas, takes, used Aerial Photography to showcase another building they have in Addison.   These pictures cast a better view on some of the exterior highlights the building has to offer:   Benefits of Aerial Photography in the Commercial Real Estate Industry Drones are revolutionizing the aerial photography and...

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DFW Roofing Company Uses Aerial Photography to Showcase Their Work

Renown Roofing and Construction, a DFW roofing and construction company located in Lewsiville, Texas recently used our aerial photography services in their latest marketing video. The video (watch below) highlights some of their services as well as actual work on commercial and residential buildings. How can roofing and construction companies benefit from aerial photography? Visually

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