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Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate

Todays real estate market is extremely competitive. Set your business apart with high end, unique aerial photos and images to close deals. Aerial photography within commercial real estate has slowly become a standard for business. Show casing your property to future tenants or its next owner in a unique light is essential in today’s market. Drones are just the resource to help you achieve that goal. It is important to know who you deal with.. To protect you and your business, you need a company that understands what you do and what there role is in helping you to achieve your goals. In addition, you need a company that is fully insured and Legal, which can be tricky to keep up with as everything continues to change.


  • Aerial Photos
  • Sunset photos
  • Floor by Floor perspective images of future buildings
  • Interactive panoramic imaging
  • Virtual tours
  • Media Productions- market your building

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With the ever changing regulations on drone commercial operations, it is important to utilize an operator who is legal and insured for the job. We know and understand what Part 107 is and means for your business. Following these rules and regulations as of June 21, 2016 is very important to keep your business legal.

The uses for overhead photography are endless

There are many other uses for aerial photography in the commercial real estate industry outside of just marketing. Engineering firms who conduct property condition reports, commercial property managers, and even commercial roofing companies would benefit from aerial roof inspections via thermal & high definition imaging.

Other aerial applications:

Aerial Mapping

Due to the ever changing technology of the aerial photography and mapping industry, not only is it more cost effective and efficient to conduct surveys from the air, you can get more detail than ever before.

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