Construction Progress Photography- What You Need to Know


Aerial photography of construction progress is nothing new. The industry utilizes the service primarily for legal documentation and to show clients how the project is going. Historically, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft were the only two practical ways to effectively photography how a project is going. Today, drones are infiltrating the industry and changing how things operate.

Many construction companies have considered or are already purchasing drones to capture the progress shots in house. But what are you sacrificing and risking by doing this?

When you contract out your construction progress documentation, you are looking for 3 or 4 qualities that determine who you choose for the job:

  • Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Price
  • Aditional Value

Most of the time, it is hard to find all of these in one operator. Going with the best price means you sacrifice quality and timeliness, and you certainly don’t get much added value. If those things are important to you, which most of the time they are, then you pay a premium for it.

By conducting this service in house, you could be sacrificing all of these “selling points” that you look for. Sure, it is cheap to buy a drone, but is it worth the cost and time to have a project manager or full time in house aerial photographer in house to conduct these projects? Are they able to provide the same consistency and quality product you need to continue to impress the client? Not only are these things important, but it is even more crucial to be up to date on the rules and regulations set in force by the FAA. Everything is changing and when part 107 comes out on June 21, the new rules better be followed, because they will be enforced.

So now you have to determine what is best for your company… and that varies based on your needs. Accommodations can be made based on what you are looking for and why you need the service if you contract it out. If you simply need it for legal documentation, adding your job to an existing route with an airplane for 4 basic photos will be the most affordable way to get that done. If you are looking for quality to impress clients or use for marketing purposes, it is often more appropriate to utilize a drone or a helicopter to capture specific shots at high quality resolution on a clear day.

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