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Looking for a Dallas, TX aerial photographer to create images and video for you? We can help!

Right now, the need for services from aerial photography companies is booming. Businesses throughout the Dallas area are utilizing overhead imagery for a variety of reasons, including for:


need aerial photos taken in Dallas texas

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Engineering and Construction Projects
  • Ranches and Farms
  • Local Municipalities and State Agencies
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Companies
  • Surveying and Mapping Projects
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Much, Much More…

What kind of images do you need?

Does your project need a drone operator to shoot overhead images? Will it require the services of a pilot and photographer shooting from an airplane or helicopter? Will you need video, editing and packaging of the images so you can use it various applications? Will you require reporting and documentation with actionable information and images?


Those are questions that our clients have, whether they’re ‘new’ to using aerial photography or if this type of specialized photography is something they’ve had experience with. When you call, we’ll talk to you about the specifics of your project and how we can best service the requirements that your project demands.

Let’s talk today! We work with companies of all sizes and can find the right solution for your business needs.

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We provide aerial photography services for numerous commercial applications.

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Wind Farms
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Real Estate
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Oil and Gas
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Farm & Ranch

Why Choose Tarillo Vue?

The aerial photography industry is shifting and changing rapidly. Images and video taken from airplanes, helicopters, satellites and drones are giving businesses a ‘bird’s eye view’ — which is an increasingly valuable asset when it comes to evaluating progress at construction sites, counting livestock or selling commercial real estate, etc.


The uses for overhead photography are endless…and growing! Because of this, and because of other factors including inexpensive unmanned drones, decreases in fuel prices and increases in satellite technology precision, there are many service providers entering the market. So who do you hire?


How do I choose the best aerial photography service in Dallas, TX or Dallas County?

Researching and selecting the right aerial photography service provider that’s best suited for your project can be burdensome. Online searches can be time-consuming and frustrating.


Based in Dallas, the mission of Tarillo Vue is to provide businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth and across North Texas with the highest quality images and videos that match their project requirements. We ensure competitive pricing and manage the entire process from start to finish.

What makes a good aerial photographer or company?

Essentially, a good photography service in one that’s going to meet your exact needs. It’s why Tarillo Vue will take the time to listen to you about your project requirements, ask questions to better qualify the details and make recommendations for the best solution. We also provide in-depth reporting and assessments that are actionable.


Our goal is to help you get your project done efficiently, accurately and within the budget you need to maintain.


Local resources for Dallas and Dallas County Businesses:

Depending on the project, Tarillo Vue will utilize:

  • Images and video shot from fixed wing aircraft or from helicopters
  • Images and video shot using drones

We streamline the entire process for you. Let’s get started today! Call 214-842-6000.

How can your company benefit from using our services?

  • All of our operators are insured and certified
  • All of our operators are compliant with the FAA and hold a current 333 exemption
  • Our operators have diverse skill sets and can handle all types of project requests and requirements
  • We ensure quality control throughout each project
  • We ensure timely project completion
  • We provide actionable and detailed reporting as needed by clients
  • Your project is managed through one point of contact
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