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Drone Roof Inspection

We provide aerial roof inspections for companies through out the United States.

Drone technology is creating more opportunity in the roofing industry. By combining high resolution traditional and thermal imaging with drones, we can capture more useful information while drastically reducing liability, saving time and helping to create more value for your clients.

We work to provide you the highest quality available in the UAV industry. We often work to provide aerial roof inspections for structural engineers, roofing companies, insurance providers, and property owners. Services we offer include high resolution exterior roof inspections, thermal interior inspections looking for water damage, measurements and calculations, construction progress and marketing photos.

Gravel Built Up (BUR) Commercial Thermal Roof Scan

Modified Bitumen Thermal Commercial Roof Scan

Thermoplastic (TPO) Thermal Commercial Roof Scan

Modified Bitumen Thermal Commercial Roof Scan

Thermal Inspections

We utilize drones with high resolution thermal cameras to conduct roof inspections. We gather all the information needed to assess the extent of damage and calculate if the roof is a 20% or greater “total loss.” These inspections are often conducted when battling with insurance companies on appropriate roof damage assessments. We conduct our inspection and process our findings into a full report, useful for either conducting repairs or using the data as evidence of the damage that exists.

Sample Report

Measurements and Annotations

Gather all the information you need to know to help put together a quote for your client. We provide a full report of your roof with the inspection grade images and calculate square footage, pitch, lengths and any other roof measurements you might need. We take the time to ensure everything is correct to make your job just a little easier, more efficient and safe.

Construction Progress/ Marketing

Keep your clients up to date with progress photos on larger projects. We often provide photos before constructions, throughout (as needed), and upon completion. We can watermark your photos as requested with logo’s and time stamps. Utilize your completed projects aerial photos for marketing purposes showing your prospective clients exactly what you do and the final product you consistently deliver.


Not sure what to do with all your images and how to present them to clients? We help make it simple! After review, you can show your client visual what problems exist and where in a .PDF formatted report. If you can show clients visually what is wrong without having to go on the roof and leave them with all the details, making it a lot easier for your client, especially if the decision maker cannot always be on site.

Routine Maintenance Agreements

Many manufacturers require routine inspections of a new roof system to help prevent failure rather than react to  roof that already has failed. If you are a roofing company that provides maintenance agreements for your clients or are a property owner that already utilizes this valuable service, then we can be an added resource. We provide this service for both new and old roofs. These inspections include both an exterior and interior review with the use of traditional and thermal imaging. Everything can be organized into a full report, deliverable to your clients or to property owners.

We provide detailed aerial roof inspections for a variety of different businesses throughout the USA

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Tarillo Vue provides aerial roof inspections for Commercial and Residential applications across the country at a budget that’s right for you.

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