New Report Says FAA Needs to Make a Change to Drone Risk Assessment

dallas drone companyIn a new article from Unmanned Aerial Online Report: FAA Needs to Make a Change to Drone Risk Assessment it’s suggested the FAA and others within the industry need to understand the risk of drone technology in a more holistic sense.

From the article…

“In order to effectively integrate drones into national airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should change its safety risk assessment approach for the technology, claims a new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

The report says introducing drone operations into the nation’s airspace can provide substantial benefits to society; however, an overly conservative approach to safety risk assessments by the FAA – which, the report says, tends to overestimate the severity and likelihood of risks from many types of drone operations – can be a significant barrier to the introduction and development of this emerging and rapidly changing technology.”

Read the entire article here:

At Tarillo Vue, we understand the risks involved to both people and property when flying our drones. We take special precautions and abide by FAA regulations. We also see the increasing benefits of aerial imaging and video technology — for example with commercial roof inspections or with construction progress. There needs to be a balance moving forward and we believe there will be as many voices — in Dallas and beyond — will participate as the drone industry continues to grow.

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