Drones Vs. Handheld Thermal Roof Inspections: A Quick Overview for Local Dallas Companies Who Need to Identify Possible Leak and Moisture Issues

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Should I use a Drone or Handheld when doing a thermal roof inspection?

Many people ask us what the advantage is to using drones over providing a hand held thermal roof inspection.

We don’t believe that drones are replacing the need for a physical or handheld thermal inspection, but drones do provide value you can’t get from walking a roof.

With a drone, we can capture an overview of the entire roof including the moisture contents. Once processing is completed, we can take our field data and calculate how much of the roof contains moisture and provide measurements helping you pin point where your physical inspections need to begin.

The drone also provides good preliminary information to help save time with your physical inspections.

Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from using aerial photography?

While we understand this is just a quick overview of why using drones can be more valuable than handheld thermal imaging tools, hopefully is sparks some further questions or interest. For more information and a longer discussion, call us today at (214) 842-6000.

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