We Help Make the Process of Hiring Aerial Photographers More Efficient

best way to find local aerieal photographyers in dallas texas to help with overhead imagery and videoSimply put, Tarillo Vue acts as an aerial photography broker – connecting businesses to photographers and videographers within its wide network of operators.


This includes aerial photographers shooting from planes, helicopters, satellites and drones. Based on the requirements of your project, we work to find you the most qualified operators who have the specific expertise needed to fulfill your project.


With one quick phone call or email, Tarillo Vue can manage the entire process for you. This ensures that you’re connected to the best service provider, receiving the highest quality solution..


How does the process work with Tarillo Vue?

When prospective companies contact Tarillo Vue, we collect the details and ALL requirements of the project, answer any questions these companies may have and educate them as to what photography and videography options are available to them.


From there, we prepare a bid package that outlines the project details and requirements, then submit that to multiple operators for their review.


Operators reply with their bid proposals and estimated costs. We review these bids and select the best option for our clients. Once a bid is chosen, a formal contract for work will be issued to the operator and the project will begin.


Tarillo Vue will track the progress of the operator throughout the project. When the project is complete, we will manage the invoicing and payment processing for all parties.


Customer benefits

  • Your project is bidded out to a large network of operators
  • All operators are insured and certified
  • All operators are compliant with the FAA and hold a current 333 exemption,
  • Available operators have diverse skillsets and can handle all types of project requests
  • We ensure quality control
  • We ensure timely project completion
  • Your project is managed through one point of contact
  • We manage your payment to the operator once work is received

Let’s get started

To learn how Tarillo Vue can connect you to the most qualified photographers for your next project, please contact us at (214) 842-6000.

1-214-842-6000 | 6119 Greenville Ave., # 206 Dallas, Texas 75206
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