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Aerial Inspections for Insurance Providers & Adjusters

Through the use of drones, we can help stream line the inspection and claims process for insurance providers and claims adjusters. If the locations are within a decent proximity, we can perform high resolution inspections on over 20 properties in 1 day, providing you with multiple high resolution images to keep with the file and examine as many times as needed to acquire the information for processing a claim. If we can double your field production while keeping your adjusters focused on processing claims, it can cut your processing time in half. In return, this helps increase your policy retention rate after a natural disaster.

We keep the process safe, simple and efficient. Once we arrive onsite, we perform a safety inspection looking for power lines, trees or anything that could be problematic for the flight. We then conduct our aerial inspection, capturing images of the entire roof system. We then take them to the office for processing for delivery within 24- 48 hours.

Once processing is complete, we can deliver all the photos for the address from the inspection and a full report, if needed. A full report consists of an aerial overview of the property, giving you the ability to click a point on the roof to see close up photos of that area. The report can provide you with the roofs square footage, pitch, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, valleys, steps, walls and more.

Tarillo Vue provides aerial inspection for Insurance Providers and claims adjusters across the U.S.A.

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