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Drone Services for Oil & Gas Companies

The applications for Drone technology in the oil and gas industry are growing rapidly. We provide aerial mapping, inspection and documentation services for oil/ gas upstream, midstream and downstream companies throughout the country. With the use of high resolution traditional and thermal imaging, we can provide your company with useful information and data on proposed and existing locations.

Between government regulations and the need for high resolution, organized, documentation for when you cannot always be on site, the use of drones can be very valuable. The services we provide have been proven to save companies millions while reducing time and increasing productivity.

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Aerial Mapping

For proposed new oil wells, better visualization, imaging and documentation can only help you with approval from the state. We can provide high resolution aerial maps that can be best matched with your surveyors ground work providing 3-5cm of accuracy. These maps also provide 3D modeling capabilities and contour studies. You even have access to perform measurements to express legal distances and measurements the state would need to see to approve your new well.

We can also map out your whole field giving you up to date, high resolution was of your whole field and all your wells. We can accurately map out an entire pipeline system. This process is best conducted partnering with a ground surveyor so we can capture Ground Control Points, helping to ensure accuracy, proper scale and geo referenced images.

Aerial Inspections

We provide aerial inspections for Flare Stacks, Gas Leaks, Pipelines, Tanks and other Assets. These correlated images and inspections can be useful when trying to explain something with engineers or field workers on site without having to actually be there. If you are required to perform routine inspections due to regulation, we organize your aerial inspection into a format that is easy to review, understand and export from your computer to a printable document.

We also provide thermal imaging with radiometry to detect gas leaks. Radiometry gives us the ability to capture temperature readings from every megapixel of the image. We fly a site and provide a visual documentation showing gas leaks and their locations on the pipeline. We can also confirm the temperatures your gas stack flames burn at for burn rate calculations per regulation. Compare side by side thermal images with traditional still shots to inspect whats going on and provide your field crew with a visualization of what actually needs repair.

Both forms of aerial inspections are extremely applicable for upstream, midstream and downstream companies.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial inspection solutions for businesses across Texas.

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