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Tarillo Vue: A Resource for Businesses Needing Aerial Photography Services

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Tarillo Vue is a photography/ videography company with a focus on aerial applications. We are Legal, Fully Insured, and we strive to provide you with the highest Quality in the industry. Whether you are a construction company looking for progress photos, a church wanting to put together a video from an event, or a company looking for unique ways to market your company, we have your back! Incorporating an aerial perspective into what you do could be the unique eye catching tactic you’ve been looking for. The introduction of drone technology, ever advancing, is very advantageous to capturing this perspective in an affordable way! But our resources don’t stop there, we have the ability to utilize airplanes and helicopters to ensure completion of anything you throw our way.


With this introduction of UAV’s also comes a lot of regulations and rules that require your attention, or you could suffer the consequences! As of August 29, 2016, the FAA is requiring anyone operating a drone for any commercial use to have and maintain a UAV Pilots License. Simply, what this means, is you must fall within the guidelines laid out by the FAA or become liable if you get caught or something goes wrong. We are legal and fully Insured to protect you and your business.


We have a background and passion for aviation and photography/ videography. At Tarillo Vue, we strive to take your ideas and make them a creative reality by taking the time to learn your perspective and vision. On that same token, we have the ability to capture aerials for documentation purposes such as for roofing, construction progress, mapping/ surveying and more.

Our Team

Jeff Carrillo- Owner/ CEO

picture1Jeff Carrillo moved to Texas about 2 and a half years ago from central Florida with a professional background in commercial aviation      insurance. He has always had the passion for small business and starting his own. Seeing how the industry was changing, he finally stepped out and launched Tarillo Vue to create value within the aerial photo/ video industry of Dallas Fort Worth, TX.




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