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Aerial Photography & Videography Services for Businesses Across Texas

Tarillo Vue offers a “one-call solution” for Texas companies who want to use aerial photography and video services for better marketing, better documentation and a variety of other commercial applications.

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With the ever changing regulations on drone commercial operations, it is important to utilize an operator who is legal and insured for the job. We know and understand what Part 107 is and means for your business. Following these rules and regulations as of June 21, 2016 is very important to keep your business legal.

The uses for overhead photography are endless

As an architectural firm, engineering firm, commercial construction company or a residential roofing company, we know your needs when it comes to aerial photography. We are here to revolutionize the bidding process in connecting you with a quality operator for the right price through one simple conversation. We guarantee the product you need, when you need it.

Other services you may find useful:

Aeral View Of Modern Home

Aerial Photography

Our drones and cameras all work together. For higher end photos, we attach our ground cameras to our drone to capture up to 42mp still shots. We use these same cameras in our plane or helicopter. For more basic shoots that don’t require images to be blown up, we can use the DJI Phantom 4, shooting 12mp photos at a more affordable price.

Aerial Videography

Incorporating an aerial perspective in to any video creates the unique wow factor you’re looking for. We can be the added value to any videographer looking to add this to their videos and keep it legal. We also have the ability to do full media productions in house.. start to finish! We have the equipment to shoot in 4k definition, both from the ground and the sky.

use an aerial photographer or drone for roofing projects and construction

Aeral View Of Modern Home

Ground Photography

The same equipment we use in the sky is used on the ground. While this may not be our niche, we still love it and have an eye for the creativity your looking for when capturing marketing material or special moments. We have the ability to shoot up to 42mp high resolution photos.


We specialize in a variety of different industries to include:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Events
  • Non- Profits
  • Corporate
  • Events
  • Advertising


We have experience in every industry we talk about here at Tarillo Vue, so your business is nothing new to us. That experience is what allows us to better understand how your customers think and what needs to be done to catch their attention. We are not shy and love to get in the mix of things to help capture whatever it is you invision! We can also capture a unique aerial perspective for whatever your project looks like!

Let’s get started

To learn how Tarillo Vue can help to showcase your business with a unique perspective, give us a call at (214) 842-6000 today!

To learn how Tarillo Vue can help to showcase your business with a unique perspective!

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