Drone Thermal Roof Scan in Houston Texas

We recently worked on a project in Houston, TX that presented a variety of challenges. We worked closely with a roofing company, legal team and engineering firm to assess a roofs condition for a law suite against the roofing company who performed the installation of the new roof system for our client, the property owner, back

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Commercial Building Envelope Inspection in Dallas Texas

Drones can be beneficial for a variety of industries. There are only a few applications though where they can be invaluable in comparison to other resources available today, and curtain wall/ building envelope inspections is one. Rather than spending an incredible amount of time and money on lifts, scaffolds and hanging over the sides of

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Drone Thermal Roof Inspection- Richardson, TX

The demand for the use of drones with thermal cameras to inspect commercial roof systems is growing rapidly. If you are a company involved in the commercial roofing industry and do not have the use of drones incorporated in your practice somehow, you are missing out on a big opportunity. We used thermal imaging from

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