47 Acre Drone Aerial Map in Dallas, Tx

Here at Tarillo Vue, we partner with land surveyors to provide aerial maps for land surveying projects throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth area. We strive to take their need or request and create a deliverable that meets their needs and expectations hassle free. This project was quite close to Dallas Love Field, but we were able to obtain authorization to fly up to 100′ to complete our aerial map of this 47 acre property. The purpose was to provide the surveyor with a highly accurate aerial image of the entire property and provide a digital terrain model. Fortunately enough, 100′ was exactly what we wanted to fly to complete this project to provide enough resolution to see where the ground control points were marked on the ground to include in our processing to achieve the high level of accuracy needed.

This deliverable achieved a map resolution of .48″/ pixel of the 2d aerial image. The level of accuracy we achieved on this map by incorporating ground control points was pretty impressive! Our approximate horizontal relative accuracy range was .12″ and the approximate vertical relative accuracy range was .2″.

If you are interested in having an aerial map processed for various needs, we are happy to discuss the project or opportunity to see if we would be a good fit! Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000.

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