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Deploying Drone Technology to a Competitive Advantage

Tarillo Vue deploys drones for many different applications. We are often asked to explore how this new technology can more safely and efficiently inspect structural conditions on bridges, commercial buildings, construction sites, and for oil and gas companies. A lot of what we are asked to perform can be difficult, but our experience and background dealing with a lot of technical projects has taught us how to think outside the box when it comes to deploying drones for unique and difficult situations. We are brought in to help solve problems such as performing aerial mapping using thermography over a 25 square mile area, inspecting bearing pads on bridges in difficult and time consuming places, inspecting commercial roofs and gutters on commercial properties, helping oil companies locate their underground flow lines, and more.


We deploy a fleet of drones that all have a unique purpose from high end videography, aerial mapping, up close and dark inspections, thermal imaging to identify suspected moisture and more. Our cameras have 30 x zoom capabilities, up to 7k raw video, thermal imaging in 640x 512 resolution, and up to 24mp still shots. Our drones can be easily equipped with lights putting out 1500 Lumens helping to light up dark places for inspection purposes. We have cages for the propellers and camera guards for small drones that have to fly in tight spaces that would otherwise be unsafe to operate in, helping us accomplish more difficult projects safer and faster without being worried about crashing the drone.


We take all the data and information gathered from the field and process a detailed report, helping you understand where issues exist for further physical inspection. Using this process can save a lot of time and money for commercial real estate companies and adds a valuable tool to an Engineering firms ability to get the job done properly when time is of the essence during a due diligence process. This technology gives us the ability to get you up close to capture high resolution images of hard to reach places that would otherwise require a boom crane or scaffold, which are often expensive and quite time consuming to obtain and setup. Not only that, they are quite dangerous as you are inspecting multi level buildings.

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Oil & Gas Aerial Inspections

Partnering with mid stream and upstream oil and gas companies, we help map out underground flow lines, inspect for possible gas leaks, inspect flow lines, inspect fields for standing oil or water, inspect electrical grids, highly accurate mapping, inspect burn stack flare temperatures, and more. Utilizing drones with thermal and visible high resolution imaging, we can cost effectively help you deploy drones to a competitive advantage.

Bridge Inspections

We deploy drones for different inspection applications when it comes to surveying bridges efficiently and effectively. We have small drones with propeller cages and spot lights to get up close to bearing pads and large drones with high zoom cameras to safely look at the small details. UAV’s present an efficient alternative to traditional inspection methods by getting up close and personal, capturing photos and video.

Aerial Widlife Surveys

We bring a unique technique to the table to help you perform more effective wildlife surveys in North Texas. By automating a drone- based wildlife survey, we can more effectively count how much wildlife is on the property without having to count “on the fly.” We put every property through the same process to systematically capture aerial video documenting every animal we see.

Farm and Crop Inspections

Whether you need to verify your cattle heard is all present and accounted for or want updated health data on your crops, Tarillo Vue can help you deploy drones w/ visible and thermal imagers to help your business operate more efficiently. We partner with farmers and ranchers to determine crop health at various stages of the process. Beating bug infestations and other problems crops experience before they become major problems can drastically increase your revenues upon harvest.

Comm Tower Inspections

Tarillo Vue provides aerial inspections for radio and cell phone communication towers. We fly from a safe distance with quality cameras that get you the up close high resolution images you need to be able to inspect the slightest details from the office. You can see damaged equipment, unplugged wires, trash tangled in the system, blown light bulbs and more. We can help you reduce liability by sending less people up the tower to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Electric Grid Inspections

Drones can efficiently and more effectively help you inspect power grids identifying defective load break elbows, grounds and neutral connections, defective bus joints and ducts- un even load distribution, unbalances load distribution on disconnect switches, overloaded conductor cables, open circuits, failing lightning arrestors, air switches, loose connections, bushings, bad insulators, low oil levels in circuit breakers, over heating transformers due to low oil and overheating transformer windings.

Tarillo Vue provides drone inspection solutions for Texas companies who want to use aerial photography and videography services for commercial structure and equipment inspections.

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Striving for Excellence in Everything We Do

Our team works hard to be better at everything we do. How? By being a part of organizations that offer training and certifications, helping us learn more about industries we are involved with, understanding new technologies, and knowing what processes are required to efficiently and effectively complete a project, delivering valuable information at an affordable price on every project.

We take safety seriously as it is our number one priority when conducting an aerial inspection. Our safety program is structured to protect all parties involved. We understand that by working with us, you put your reputation on the line. When you request a professional aerial inspection, you will often get a 2 man team consisting of a certified pilot and certified visual observer. Our certified operators and visual observers are all properly trained by Tarillo Vue staff and have prior experience in their respective roles prior to assignment. The pilots roll is to ensure safe operation and constant communication with the drone. The observers roll is to watch ground and air traffic to make sure we do not encounter close proximity with other aircraft of people walking underneath the operation of the aircraft. The observers roll is also to keep an eye on the aircrafts proximity to the structure being inspected and other obstructions that could cause a problem in flight. We often recomend a professional engineer or inspector to accompany the inspection as this individual will be in charge of operating the camera and capturing the images we need to collect.

In comparison to many traditional inspection processes, drones can save a lot of time. When trying to inspect the side of a high rise building, traditionaly you would need to use either a crane boom or scaffolds. Both take a lot time to order and setup, let alone actually use and navigate efficiently. Most requests for drone inspections can be scheduled within about a week and a building can be thoroughly inspected effectibely within a day or 2 depending on the size. Many projects cant afford the time required to properly inspect a site, but have the need. With the use of drones, those time sensitive projects can now be completed quickly and efficiently. Time is money. If you can cut down on the time spent on a project, you cut down on the costs drastically, saving your client a lot of money compared to traditional methods of inspection.

Our pilots are both trained and certified for aerial operations and thermal inspections. We require ur pilots to maintain at least a Level 1 Thermorgraphers certification to conduct thermal inspections.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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