Aerial Mapping Project in McKinney, TX

We have been partnering with land surveyors this year to provide them with highly accurate and detailed aerial maps to help more efficiently perform land surveys, saving their clients money for this service. This particular project was for a newly constructed condo rental company up in McKinney, TX that had a final survey completed post construction. The surveyor has to be detailed, documenting roof elevations, gathering points in back yards and fenced in areas, between buildings, capturing points of various structures and objects, laying out the properties boundary and much more.

Our Process and Deliverable

After the land surveyor captured his GCP’s and painted them accordingly with orange paint, we flew the entire site capturing 21mp images at an elevation of 100’ and a front and side lap of 80%. Capturing images this way gives us the resolution necessary to see small orange painted dots on man holes, view surveyor X’s on curbs and other small objects when we have to identify them in our process. Once we capture all our images, we then begin the processing to create the map. We upload all of our images and then input our ground control point to coordinate with elevations along with the local WASS to ensure our map is processed for the right geological area. For each ground control point entered, we have to identify the exact point in each image of that GCP to help reference the entire map accurately. Once we have completed this process for each GCP throughout the map, it is then processed in to one complete overhead image.
We are able to process an accuracy report once everything is finalized and this map achieved an incredible level of accuracy.

Where our Service Provided Value

Because of how precise this map was, the land surveyor was able to utilize the geo located orthomosaic, the point cloud and DTM’s to complete the survey. This helped them determine the elevations of all the structures, confirm ground control points, count parking spaces, and have a high resolution overhead visual of the entire property. This also saves time by not having to get points around structures and get into back yards or other difficult places.
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