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Deploying Drone Technology to a Competitive Advantage

Drone technology today has revolutionized the aerial mapping industry. What was once too expensive is now highly attainable for almost any sized project and van provide value that goes beyond having a clear over head image. Our goal is simple, to save you time and money on every project, making this service an asset rather than an expense. Traditionally, a plane or helicopter is used to capture aerial images to process large aerial maps using pictometry making this resource too expensive for smaller projects. Today, deploying drones to map up to 25 square miles can be accomplished quite affordably.

Processing an aerial map goes beyond just capturing your field images systematically in the field. Whether you capture standard images and correlate ground control points (GCP’s) into your processed aerial map or utilize a drone that has RTK capabilities, you can easily accomplish a high level of accuracy with a resolution allowing you to see the smallest details. Available orthomosaic, digital terrain models (DTM’s), point clouds and 3D model exports can all be helpful tools when completing land surveys for clients.

Interested in learning more about how drone aerial mapping can benefit your business? We work with various companies to provide quality documentation of roof conditions deploying drones with high resolution visible imagers. Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000!

Available Exports & Deliverables

We can provide various exports all providing different value. JPEG files can be exported in various sizes to accommodate for your computer capabilities. GeoTIFFs are just the same, but can be referenced to the coordinate system we process the map at, ensuring the map shows up in the correct location and scale for your drawing. DEM, DXF and SHP files are all various methods of exporting terrain models for different programs and needs. Point clouds come in 2 different export options, but .LAS is preferred for most CAD programs. We can only export 1 size, but many of our partners utilize other programs to shave down on the density of the point clouds making it easier to work with due to file size. Here are the available exports for orthomosaics, contours and point clouds:

Orthomosaic Exports: GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF

Terrain Models: GeoTIFF, JPEG, PDF, Raw Elevation Values (DEM), Contour DXF (Auto CAD), Contour SHP (Shape File)

Point Clouds: .LAS, .XYZ

Case Studies & Sample Work

New Condo Association Aerial Mapping Project in McKinney, TX

We partnered with a land surveyor to process this highly accurate aerial map deploying a drone and incorporating GCP’s. This project saved the land surveyor a lot of time by providing accurate information throughout the entire property. They were easily able to count parking spaces, document points in back yards and difficult places, gather roof top elevations, and much more. Click Here to learn more about this project!

This property was being refinanced, requiring a new land survey be completed. The surveyor on this project brought us in to help reduce the amount of time spent in the field to cut down on the cost incurred by the property owner. We achieved an impressive level of accuracy accomplishing the goals set for the project! Click Here to learn more about this project!

We processed an aerial map for a church in Lewisville to help the land surveyor count parking spaces in the field. This project was fairly basic since we didn’t use GCP’s, but proved to be very cost effective for this situation. Click Here to learn more about this project!

Aerial Mapping with Pictometry Used in Land Survey for Car Dealership in Dallas, Texas

Like other projects we have worked on, this aerial mapping project was useful to the land surveyor to help count parking spaces and determine the elevation of the roof and other structures on the property. This land survey was performed for the property owner looking to refinance. Interested in learning more about this project? Click Here

Partnering with an Architect Group, we helped provide an aerial map to help in the design and development of this property. The map and 2 D models were able to help determine where the best place was to design and build structures, consider how the trees affect shaded areas and sunrise or sunset views, and more. To learn more about this project, Click Here!

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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