Aerial Photography Broker, Tarillo Vue, Launches New Website

Website Expected to Make the Finding of Service Providers Easier, More Efficient

Dallas, Texas: Tarillo Vue, an aerial photography and videography broker located in Dallas, TX is pleased to announce both the launch of the company and the release of its new website,

The company connects businesses who need overhead photography and video services with pre-qualified operators, and then manages the entire process for both parties.

The website,, was launched on January 18, 2016.

Businesses who might utilize aerial photography services include construction and engineering firms, farmers and ranchers, state and local agencies, utility companies, realtors and more.

“The reality is that the uses for overhead images and video are endless and apply to most industries. They can be used for everything from operations management, to marketing or even tracking the movements of livestock,” says Jeff Carrillo, founding partner of Tarillo Vue.

The benefit of using the service is that clients can make one call to Tarillo Vue and outline their project. From there, the company will bid out the project within its network, eventually choosing an operator who is best suited to manage the requested project. It’s a faster, more efficient way to find and hire photographers.

“What we’ve discovered over the last few years was, even though the industry has been growing at a rapid pace, it has become increasingly difficult — and certainly time consuming — to research, qualify, hire and work with photographers,” says Carrillo. “We simplify the entire process.”

Similarly, operators who provide aerial photography services, both fixed wing operators and drone operators, have also found it difficult to position their services and successfully market themselves to reach the growing number of potential clients.

Tarillo Vue acts as a supplemental source of new business for operators. Operators can rely on Tarillo Vue to bring in new business that is specifically suited to the services the operators provide.

The company currently serves the greater Dallas Fort Worth area as well as markets throughout North Texas. Plans are already underway to begin offering services across the southeast, from Texas to Florida.

Tarillo Vue was started by Jeff Carrillo and Chris Talarico, two insurance and business technology executives who had worked with many clients over the past few years that were experiencing difficulty researching and hiring qualified photographers who could provide the range of aerial photography and videography services they needed.

About Tarillo Vue, LLC.:

Tarillo Vue is an aerial photography and videography broker that specializes in connecting businesses who need photography services with pre-qualified operators. The company simplifies the entire process for both parties by making the research and selection process faster, easier and more efficient.


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