Aerial Photography for Dam Engineering Project in Greenville, TX

We recently worked with Geo Solutions¬†out of Kensington, PA on a project in Greenville, TX document the progress of a mostly completed dam project. We capture aerial photos and various video of the project for marketing purposes. Geo Solutions was looking for a unique perspective to showcase there work to other prospective clients in the future. They provide meticulous and timely work on every project and we are happy to help them show off their work! Tarillo Vue’s capabilities dont just start and stop at helping to provide unique marketing materials. We also help provide inspections services for projects like this.

Our Drone

The new DJI Matrice 210- RTK

For this project, we utilized the DJI Matrice 210RTK with the zenmuse X4S. We were able to capture video footage in 4k at 60 frames per second and took 20mp still shots. This drone is capable of a dual camera payload allowing us to also fly with a thermal camera. Redundant internal systems ensure it flies safely and captures smooth, stable photos consistently without dealing with heavy magnetic interference.

The capabilities of this drone would give us the ability to help out with much more than just creative aerial photography and videography. The use of high resolution thermal and standard imagers can ensure the Dam is strong and solid throughout. If moisture was able to get through the back side of the Dam, we would be able to identify it with ease. Having this peace of mind helps to reduce liability by having peace of mind the project is completed properly.

Aerial Photography on Dam Engineering Project

Greenville Texas Aerial Photography of a Dam for Geo Solutions

Greenville, TX Dam Aerial Photo

Aerial Photography for Engineers in Greenville Texas








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