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Drone Aerial Photography and Videography Services in Lakeland, FL

Deploying the latest in todays drone technology, we provide aerial photography, aerial videography, aerial mapping, aerial roof and wall inspection, and wild life survey services in Lakeland and throughout central Florida. If your needs exceed the capabilities of drone technology, we we regularly utilize planes and helicopters. Striving for excellence in everything we do, our goal is to take your vision and make it a reality. Our teams vast experience can help you think through your need and make sure the job gets done right the first time. From helping to provide marketing content, to inspecting and documenting property conditions and damage, we aim to provide value that proves to be a valuable asset rather than just an expense. We often work with roofing contractors, engineers, consultants, insurance companies, commercial real estate groups, commercial property owners, general contractors, various business owners, land owners and various businesses who are interested in showcasing their business in a unique way.


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Aerial Photography

When it comes to getting quality creative aerial photos and videos, you need a team or individual who has skill and proper licensing for flying a drone, a creative eye to capture the desired shot for your unique situation and edit the images to wow your customer base at a price that’s right for you. We take pride in our ability to help you capture the desired shot to showcase a property or scenery from a unique perspective. We deploy the best in the industry giving us the ability to capture 24MP still shots and up to 7k raw video footage.

Aerial Videography

Drone technology has revolutionized how land surveyors can create aerial maps using pictometry. We can affordably and efficiently process maps with a resolution as good as .3″/ pixel of the image with a true ground level accuracy of 3- 5cm. Using accurate aerial maps to complete a land survey can save a lot of time and essentially a lot of money. We are structured to handle mapping projects up to 30 square miles efficiently. Available exports include orthomosaics, terrain models, point clouds and 3D Models.

Aerial Inspection Services

Through our partner company, IR Aerials, we offer drone based inspection services to help inspect and document conditions on commercial roofs, commercial wall structures, bridges, solar fields, wildlife surveys and more. Our drone technology is capable of capturing high resolution thermal and visible (RGB) imagery to effectively document property conditions improving existing inspection practices in various industries. Save time, reduce liability, and save your client money by utilizing this tool to a competitive advantage.

Lakeland Drone Services

We offer professional grade aerial photo services throughout Lakeland, Polk County and central Florida with one thing in mind… providing the highest quality product, customer service and support in the industry. Quality drives us to strive for excellence in everything we do. Everyone on our team shares a passion for flying, creativity and providing the highest quality production for every client. And unlike many other providers, we have the licensing, certification, training and experience that smaller companies and larger corporations) rely on — and require — when they need overhead images and video to help them solve real business problems.


The Tampa Bay Area includes Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, New Port Richie, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Bradenton and more.


The Lakeland area includes Plant City, Gibsonia, Lakeland, Lakeland Highlands, Mulberry, Bartow, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Cypress Gardens, Polk City, Haines City, Davenport, Lake Wales and more.


Clermont, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, St. Cloud Sanford, Minneola, Oviedo, Lake Mary, and more.

Central Florida

Central Florida stretches to Brookesville, Leesburg, Orlando, Titusville, Merritt Island, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Sebring, Sarasota, Clearwater and everything in between.

Why Choose Tarillo Vue?

Our team is passionate about aerial photography and videography and how it benefits your business. Passion drives excellence. Excellence is what we strive for in everything we do. We strive to get the job done right the first time, but if we don’t feel like our deliverable is the highest quality we can provide, we do what ever it takes to get it there. This mindset will set a company apart from the rest on every project.


Here at Tarillo Vue, we care. You are not just another project to us. We value the opportunity to work with every one of our clients. Our goal is to provide you with a tangible value, not just be another expense on the books. If you ever have an issue or are unhappy with our deliverables, we will do everything we can to make sure the job gets done right, no matter what it takes.


We understand your business needs for deploying drones and other aerial applications to a competitive advantage. Yes, drones do a lot of really cool things, but that is not a good enough reason to  take advantage of the technology. Every business needs to look at what they spend money on and ask what value it brings. We help you understand the value aerial imaging will or will not bring to a particular situation or company. A lot of what we provide saves the end client a lot of time and money on projects in spite of the cost associated with deploying this technology.


Tarillo Vue operates legally and is fully insured. This is incredibly important. You need to protect your clients from liability. In the event something goes wrong and the drone crashes causing damage or injury, you will want to make sure the operator you hired meets those requirements. We cary $1mil in liability to protect you no matter what happens.


How Can Your Company Benefit From Using Our Aerial Photography Services?


  • Save time, essentially saving money, by deploying drones to save time during inspection and aerial mapping projects.
  • Document roof conditions from an aerial perspective, giving you an elevated perspective and extent of the damage that exists.
  • Capture video for production from a unique perspective in the highest quality available in the industry.
  • Show case your property or business with unique aerial photos
  • Efficiently perform wildlife surveys capturing images of everything you see in the field.
  • Understand the condition of a commercial roof with thermal imaging, utilizing the calculations we provide, you can easily determine cost for repair or replacement and prove roof conditions for insurance claims and legal battles.
  • Construction companies can capture aerial construction progress photos and perform many various volume calculations and perform aerial mapping more cost effectively than ever before.
  • Utilizing drones can save time, increase efficiency, cut costs and make many tasks safer — and it can do all of this while delivering a better end product which allows for more creative marketing, better documentation, and enhanced reporting — advantages that can push you past your competitors.

We provide a “one-call solution” for companies in Lakeland, FL who need to be more operationally efficient and who want to utilize drone technology as a competitive advantage. Drone imagery can save valuable time and money, can reduce potential workplace injuries, increase accuracy and provide better documentation.

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Construction Progress

Whether you are starting a ground up construction project or doing a renovation, we can help you track the progress from start to finish. Drones can be highly beneficial in helping to provide routine documentation of progress for legal purposes, providing quality control checks as compared to design plans, performing earth moving estimations, stockpile calculations, 3D modeling, and capturing high resolution marketing photo and video footage for marketing purposes.

Commercial Real Estate Photography | Videography

The commercial real estate industry greatly benefits from drone technology. Using drone based photos and videos helps to create marketing content that effectively shows the quality of the property and it’s proximity to important features in the area. Fully edited photos and videos can help you sell a property or market available space for rent.

Drone Thermal Roof Scans

Drones with thermal imagers are a valuable tool for helping to map out moisture within commercial low sloped and flat roof structures. High resolution RGB imagery gives us the ability to visually study exterior conditions while thermal imagery allows us to study where moisture might be present within the roof structure itself. The use of this imagery can help expedite inspection processes, visually represent conditions and reduce liability in time spent on the roof. This inspection services is offered through our partner company IR Aerials.

Commercial Wall Inspections

The ability to quickly, safely, efficiently and cost effectively collect quality data can prove to be invaluable. Drones can help you study wall conditions looking for cracks, openings, determine if the sealants are in good condition and map out suspected moisture within the structures. You can save time by quickly deploying this resource as opposed to waiting to get a preliminary understanding of conditions through alternative access. This inspection services is offered through our partner company IR Aerials.

Solar Panel Inspections

Large solar fields are becoming much more common throughout the country as alternative energy sources and require routine inspection to study conditions and maintain operational efficiency. Thermal imaging, especially drone based, can be highly beneficial when inspecting large arrays to find anything from string outages to individual cells and panel failures. This inspection services is offered through our partner company IR Aerials.

Bridge Inspections

From locating delamintions in road and bridge decks to studying structural conditions from below, such as bearing pads, drones can hold their weight in value. Our equipment is capable of capturing high resolution images from a far distance to bumping up against the bottom of the bridge to see in tight places. Our thermal imagery is also capable of locating moisture in the structure. This inspection services is offered through our partner company IR Aerials.

Wildlife Surveys

Drones have found their place in helping to conduct accurate wildlife survey counts for various species throughout the country. For Florida, White Tailed Deer, hogs, and turkey are common species to survey in the state. Florida presents a small window of opportunity to survey in the winter months.

Aerial mapping

Drone technology has revolutionized how land surveyors can create aerial maps using pictometry. We can affordably and efficiently process maps with a resolution as good as .3″/ pixel of the image with a true ground level accuracy of 3- 5cm. Using accurate aerial maps to complete a land survey can save a lot of time and essentially a lot of money. We are structured to handle mapping projects up to 30 square miles efficiently. Available exports include orthomosaics, terrain models, point clouds and 3D Models.

More Inspection and Photography Services

The list of services above covers a lot of what we do, but the use of drones is as long as you can be creative to develop new ideas on practical applications. We can help with anything from bridge inspections, wildlife surveys to energy and

camila montejo
camila montejo
Loved working with Jeff & Tarillo Vue through one of the biggest milestones of our company. They did exactly what we were looking for and exceeded our expectations. Always more than willing to go beyond, communicate clearly and deliver timely. We ended up having quality/timeless videos that still continue to be of tremendous benefit to our company!
Daniel Sautter (Dan56)
Daniel Sautter (Dan56)
Great guy, good communicator
Parker Woodruff
Parker Woodruff
When people need to find someone with aerial imaging & drone expertise, I refer them to Jeff at Tarillo Vue. Their work is top notch and they service the whole country.
Tim Waswick
Tim Waswick
Jeff does solid work. He is a good communicator, reliable, and brings enthusiasm to his work! I enjoyed working with him on one one of my recent projects. I would highly recommend his services, and will definitely use Tarillo Vue again!
Eagle Eye Productions
Eagle Eye Productions
Jeff is an outstanding guy with outstanding talent for drone services. If you have a job, hire this guy. He wont let you down and has the experience to back it. Thanks Jeff for doing an awesome job downtown Dallas!
Bryan Sims
Bryan Sims
Working with Tarillo Vue has been a truly exceptional experience. They do exactly what they say they will do!
Scott Stickane
Scott Stickane
Jeff is one of the best drone pilots around. Courageous and skilled. You won't ever hear he can't get the shot unless, its physically or legally impossible. Plus he is an actual pilot, not just a drone op.
RD Smith
RD Smith
Jeff Tarillo of TarilloVue is an absolute professional. The video he made for me was rather complicated but he understood perfectly the first time and made it perfectly and quickly. He had complete control of the drone as if he were physically in it. What would take me 30 mins to explain to a person verbally I can now explain in a couple minutes visually with this video.There's no one else I would call for videos of property.
Nick Ray
Nick Ray
Hired Jeff to do a completed retail building in Katy, TX. Communication was great, price was very fair and his pictures turned out so well we hired him to do a night shoot. Thanks Jeff, Nick R.
Will Washington
Will Washington
What a treat to have amazing aerial footage and great service! Jeff is so kind and willing to work with you on whatever type of shots you might need. You can tell he loves flying his drone and is excited just to be outside and doing what he loves! The shots were very high quality, stable, and clear! Can't wait to use him again!

Common Questions You Should Ask a Lakeland, FL Aerial Photographer

What kind of experience do you have and does it match the services I need? Different aerial photographer and videographers posses different skillsets, experience and technology to complete different projects. Make sure you look for and find a photographer who best matches the specific needs of your project.

Is your company or your pilots certified and insured? Managing risk and limiting liability is important, especially as many of our projects are commercial projects where we’re filming buildings, parking lots, ranches with hundred of acres — and certainly the airspace all around these venues. All of our operators are insured and certified and all of our operators are compliant with the FAA and hold a current 333 exemption.

Can we see examples of your work? Absolutely. Click here to see some examples of projects we’ve completed for other clients (you’ll see case studies, images and videos). If you’d like to see more examples of work from specific services, just ask us!

Do you only use drones? While we use drones to capture still images and video on many projects, we also utilize airplanes and helicopters when they’re required. Additionally, we work many businesses who need to shoot studio images and video as part of an overall project and can facilitate this service as well.

My boss expects reporting and documentation of the services you provide — we may them for our clients or for legal reasons. We certainly understand and it’s our focus to ensure quality control throughout each project. We provide actionable, detailed reporting and documentation as needed by clients, many of whom are engineers, public adjusters and law firms.

When should you contact an aerial photographer? If possible, it’s always best to contact your photographer early in the process. When we work with new clients, they like to have a good understanding of the scope of work we can provide, the helpful insight we’re able to offer that may impact their planning and certainly the budget range that their project may fit within.

Do you provide aerial imaging and video services outside of Texas? Yes. We’ve worked with companies across the Southeast and with many clients in Florida specifically. We’re also able to help clients across the country. Many of our clients, while based in Texas, have offices and operations outside of the state. We’re happy to work with you wherever you are.

Tarillo Vue provides aerial photography, videography, inspection and mapping services for businesses and other organizations, for any project, at a budget that’s right for you.

To get started today on your next project, please fill out the contact form below or call (888) 408-3242!

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