Aerial Photography

High Resolution Aerial Photography using Drones, Planes and Helicopters

Our drone fleet for creative aerial photography projects includes DJI Mavic 2 Pro’s and Inspire 2’s equipped with Hasselblad and Zenmuse X5s cameras, providing you with a minimum resolution of 20mp still shots. The reason for having both types of drones is to give us the versatility to safely and effectively fly indoors or in high winds, ensuring we can get the job done right. Providing quality aerial photography that is right for the job requires an operator with a creative eye to take what you imagine and making it a reality. Aerial photography benefits many industries from construction and real estate to anyone who is interested in showing off what they do best from a unique perspective. Drone imaging provides value in helping to document routine construction progress, take marketing pictures, provide detailed documentation of property conditions for insurance claims, and more.


Choosing the right aerial photographer for the job goes well beyond just picking someone with a drone. Factors to consider include making sure they operate legally within FAA Part 107 guidelines, have the knowledge to capture the desired image set for the project, have the proper equipment to get the job done right the first time and of course, pricing. Our team shares a passion for the industries we serve as we strive to provide the best service possible for each and every client. We regularly provide aerial photography services for roofing companies, commercial real estate companies, land and ranch realtors, businesses desiring unique aerial photography, and more for creative purposes.

Industries We Serve

Drone Aerial Photography for Roofing Companies

We regularly work with roofing contractors to help you show off what you do best, and thats provide a quality roof to your clients. Whether you want to market residential or commercial roofing, we are here to help you capture before, during and after photos to show your next client what you can do for them. Using drones is the perfect way to highlight the whole roof and capture quality images quickly and efficiently.

Construction Progress Aerial Photos

Whether you are constructing a dam, adding stories to an existing building, or working on a ground up new construction project, we are here to help you document the progress from start to finish. We regular work with construction companies on monthly, bi-weekly and weekly to document progress on projects, no matter how quick or slow the project moves. Our packages vary anywhere from capturing each side of the construction project to taking over 30 pictures of the site.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography

If there is one industry that has benefited from the use of aerial photography, its commercial real estate. Drones have the capability to capture the perspective of a plane or helicopter while capturing the perspective of a ground photographer and everywhere in between, all in one shoot. This makes using a drone much more cost and time effective compared to alternative resources. Showing the properties relation to near by amenities and highlight features effectively helps you market the sale of the property. We regularly work with brokers and property owners to market apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouse spaces and more.

Land and Ranch Aerial Photography

There is no better way to highlight a feature rich property than with a drone. The high quality aerial imagery can help give you and your prospective buyers a good visual of the lay of the land. Whether you have a 5 acre or 500,000 acre property, we can help! We are often asked to help take pictures of houses, lakes or ponds, sports areas, creeks, road ways, deer blinds and much more.

How We Work For You

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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