Aerial Inspections for Utilities

We work with power companies, water treatment facilities, gas providers and more providing aerial inspections of equipment, pipelines and difficult to reach places, we know exactly where to sell electrical equipment plus we always work with the best providers. We capture high resolution, 21mp still shots and thermal images at a resolution of 640 w/ radiometry, giving us the ability to document temperature readings down to each megapixel in the image.

We can inspect failing overheating arresters, help determine power line sag, fly inside dangerous structures and equipment to inspect issues without putting anyones life in danger to see what needs to be done. Routinely monitor water levels, inspect gas lines for leaks or problematic areas with thermal imaging and more! All of this information is organized and be be delivered in a digital or PDF format for delivery and review.

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What We Can Inspect & Detect on Electrical Systems

  • Defective load break elbows


  • Grounds and Neutral connections


  • Defective Bus Joints and Ducts- Un even load distribution


  • Unbalances load distribution on disconnect switches


  • Overloaded Conductor Cables


  • Open Circuits


  • Failing Lightning Arrestors

  • Air Switches


  • Loose Connections


  • Bushings


  • Bad Insulators


  • Low Oil LEvels in Circuit Breaker


  • Over heating Transformers due to low oil


  • Overheating transformer windings

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial inspection solutions for businesses across Texas.

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