Understanding the Benefits of Drone Aerial Videography Services

We routinely work directly with clients and with video production groups across the country to capture aerial videography. You can capture some pretty cool stuff, but many have asked what the benefits are of using drones for video productions and there are more than you might realize!

Technology Capabilities

Drone technology today has come a long way since its introduction to the commercial markets. You have many drones available to choose from in both the fixed wing and rotor wing categories. Rotor wing battery flight times are up to about 40 minutes and some fixed wing aircraft can achieve about 3 hours of flight time. Some rotor winged drones have 6 or even 8 motors.

Having more power gives the drone more payload capabilities. Camera technology for drones gives us the ability to capture up to 7k in raw video footage and 42mp still shots. You can mount many 3rd party cameras, like Reds, to capture cinematic quality video footage.

How Drones can be Utilized for Different Scenarios

High Altitude Aerial Video– Flying up to 400′ to capture an elevated perspective of buildings for marketing, documenting construction progress, documenting property damage and current conditions, capturing a properties location in relation to nearby amenities (major interstate, shopping centers, schools, downtown, etc), getting beautiful scenery such as mountains, lakes, rivers, and more are opportunities most people think of when considering using drones for aerial imaging or videography.

Capturing this perspective can often be performed much more affordably compared to utilizing a helicopter or airplane. There are situations where you are not allowed to use a drone or you cannot get a high enough perspective due to the FAA’s 400′ flight altitude restriction. You can quickly change elevation capturing a perspective from far away to close up. The costs to operate are pretty low compared to alternative aerial photo and video methods.


Smooth Low Altitude Action Shots-What most producers really want is a drone operator willing to get out of the “safe sky” and capture some low action shots. To get the low and creative shots the producer is picturing can often be challenging as we are asked to fly in and around tricky obstacles.

The shot pictured to the left was for a Boy Scout video as we captured some low flying video of the troop canoeing on the lake.


Fly Indoors– When you fly indoors, you dont have the ability to take advantage of todays technology advancements that make flying outdoors pretty easy. You lose the ability for the drone to fly using satellites and gps location, meaning the drone, if left without any controls, will drift and move based on surrounding wind conditions. This makes flying inside quite challenging!

You can capture a lot of really cool action shots for car show rooms, get virtual tours of homes and buildings, display warehouse stocks, and more.


Gimbaled Handheld Cameras- Yes, drones were designed for flying, but capture a lot of video footage just simply holding the drone and camera by hand. Most drones have very well designed gimbaled cameras that are perfect for capturing stable hand held video footage.

On almost every project we work on, the drone ends up getting used by hand capturing anything you would typically use a hand held camera for. One upcoming project is on a ranch and we will be getting video using this method for horseback riding, shooting shot guns, hunting quail and more.

In the past, we have used this method to capture video of the inside of homes, office buildings, for car lots, videoing the manufacturing process of knifes, and more.

aerial photography construction progress floridaDuplicate Autonomous Flight Paths– Autonomous flights with drones are available with most drones on the market today. We have worked on projects in the past to capture the same flight path at 4 different times to create an evolving time-lapse from the sunrise to sunset as a marketing piece.

Autonomous flight paths have also been completed for construction companies interested in getting the same flight paths captured to document construction progress exactly the same each time.

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