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Deploying Drones to a Competitive Advantage for Commercial Applications

Case Studies / Project Overviews

Thermal Roof Inspection of Historic Building

The property owner recently won a lawsuit for improper construction and hired an engineering group out of the DFW area to help assess the roofs condition to determine what portions of the roof require repair or replacement. We were asked to come in to provide an aerial thermal roof scan on the lower portion of the building.

Read the entire project overview here.

3D Construction Modeling Images for Medical Facility

Tarillo Vue was brought in to capture aerial photos and video of the site to map and process a 3D model of the Richardson Methodist Medical Facility. The construction company who hired our firm will be documenting the progress routinely throughout the process of completion.

Read the entire project overview here.

Insurance Claim Documentation on Historic Hotel

Tarillo Vue was hired to capture aerial photos documenting the present condition of a tile roof on a historic hotel down in Bonita Springs, FL. The hotel had suffered a fair amount of roof damage after Hurricane Irma. The law firm needed quality imaging and documentation of the roofs present condition to help the property owner process an insurance claim and make sure they get an appropriate payout to cover the cost for a new roof.

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Thermal Roof Scan of Commercial Office Building

This property was recently inherited and came fully leased. A few of the tenants had been experiencing problems with persistent leaks and the owners were concerned about the possible expense of a full replacement solution on the roof system. We were asked to come in and provide a thermal roof scan to help determine where the leaks were, how bad the moisture in the roof was, and help them determine if repair or replacement was the best fit for this situation.

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case study drone, ad agency

Aerial Videography for Advertising Agency, Car Dealership Client

Tarillo Vue was brought in to capture drone footage for two Audi car dealerships in the Dallas Ft Worth area. The ad agency wanted to incorporate more video for the client for commercials and other promotional uses.

Read the entire project overview here.

Infrared, Thermal Roof Scan of 220,000 SF Commercial Building

Our job on this project was to identify where suspected moisture was and provide measurements and calculations as to its size and location on the roof for further testing to confirm its presence. We captured aerial visible and thermal images of the roof for processing and detailed reporting.

Read the entire project overview here.

Engineering Firm Requests Residential Roof Inspection

We recently performed an aerial photography project helping an engineering firm document the condition of a residential roof in high detail for the home owner who was trying to decide where repairs need to be performed on the roof.

Read the entire project overview here.

roof of condo aerial inspection

Documenting Condo Association Roof Conditions

A large construction company in Florida had been exploring various ways they could efficiently and cost effectively document the conditions of roofs to help with processing roof claims and showing completion of those projects. Aerial inspections are a good way to do this.

Read the entire project overview here.

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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