Case Study: Apartment Complex Drone Based Detailed Shingle Roof Inspection- Pensacola, FL

2020 was a rough year for the northern coastline of the Gulf of Mexico after experiencing multiple hurricanes make landfall, causing extensive damage from the pan handle of Florida down to the southern tip of Texas. Hurricane Sally was the hurricane that hit closest to Pensacola, bringing strong sustained winds with it.

We are often deployed to help document roof and facade conditions after major storms like this utilizing drones with thermal and high resolution RGB cameras to efficiently document present conditions.

In this case, a multifamily property management company and ownership contacted me to complete a drone based roof inspection and provide estimates for repairing each of the 8 roofs in the apartment complex. They knew they had damage, but didn’t have a clear assessment that showed how much. Up to this point, they received multiple quotes from roofing contractors to perform repairs that varied greatly in price. The property managers didn’t feel that the roofing companies bidding the project had an accurate understanding of the roofs conditions because they would come buzz a drone around for about 20 or 30 minutes and then leave. This is not a sufficient practice to gather enough data to understanding how much damage is present to make proper repairs

We were hired to help solve that problem. By deploying a drone capable of capturing 20mp images, we captured hundreds of images of each roof, documenting in great detail each structures present condition. We were able to capture enough detail to observe minor damages on the shingles that can be easily overlooked. Our organizational process makes it easy to understand all the locations on the roof that have damage and correlate the images that reflect that damage in the report. The image to the left shows an overview of one of the roofs we documented. In the image shows highlighted areas of all the locations on the roof damage was observed. By each of those areas is a number to associate which detailed images in the report show the extent of damage provided with the original image number. Below are 2 images that reflect the detail we were able to observe in the report to where we were even able to see slight tares and minor damage to individual shingles.

Once the report was finalized, we had to put together an estimate to conduct repairs for each roof based on the damages noted and observed in our report. Now, with a detailed report visually showing the extent of damage and an estimate for repairs, they can provide a detailed bid request with a scope of work to the roofing contractors to bid on the same scope of work. We are estimating this project could save them thousands of dollars on repairs by having completed this process.

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