Case Study: Commercial Modified Bitumen Roof Moisture Survey- Miami, FL

We have officially opened a second office located in the heart of Florida, Lakeland to be specific. This allows us to be able to efficiently service the entire state of Florida providing commercial structural UAV inspection and moisture meter surveys.

One of our most recent projects was on a smaller medical building in Miami, FL for the property management company/ ownership. The roofs total size was under 10,000 square feet and is comprised of standard Modified Bitumen construction. The ownership wanted to get a good idea of how much damage was present within the roof to determine whether they should consider repairs, a roof over or full replacement. They knew there was damage and leaks had been patched/ repaired over the years, but they never had a good idea of how much of the roof contained moisture.

We were asked to perform a non-destructive moisture survey of the roof by completing a thermal roof scan and moisture meter survey. Completing this type of work in the winter months in the south can be challenging but highly advantageous. In order to complete these services successfully, certain weather criteria are permitted. It is ideal to complete the scan within a few days of the last rainfall, but need the surface of the roof to be completely dry.

First, we captured aerial RGB images documenting the exterior condition of the roof. Second, we captured thermal images to give us an understanding of where we did or did not suspect the presence of moisture. After detailed examination of the RGB and thermal images, we identify all the locations we wish to test using moisture meters to further validate the observations noted in the thermal images. Following ASTM standards, we completed the moisture meter survey where all of our locations tested according to our expectations after reviewing the thermal images.

We observed that roughly 56% of the roof contained suspected moisture with the moisture meter survey correlating perfectly with the thermal images. Provided a clear understanding of the roofs construction prior to starting the project, we felt confident in the results of our non-destructive moisture survey without having to puncture or create new openings in the roof requiring repair. The ownership was able to conclude that because over 50% of the roof was compromised, the cost associated with repairing the roof or installing a second roof system on top was not a financially viable option as they are now pursuing a full roof replacement.

The image pictured left reflects our moisture meter testing locations and identifies where we concluded suspected moisture to be present within the roof based on those results and based on the temperature readings in the thermal images.

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