Case Study: Drone Imagery Used to Inspect Shingle Roofs for 54 Apartment Buildings in Pensacola, FL


This year was a busy hurricane season. Hurricane Michael hit the pan handle leaving incredible damage in its wake. A lot of damage wasn’t just found in the storms path, but throughout the nature of the pan handle. We have been busy in the Pensacola area helping property owners and Public Adjusters capture quality documentation of present property conditions for processing insurance claims to get the damages repaired. A lot of folks question why we are in Pensacola when the Hurricane made landfall much farther east. While Pensacola didn’t experience devastating storm conditions, many property owners have damages that require repairs. 


We captured aerial images documenting the present condition of 54 total buildings for 3 separate apartment complexes to help the Public Adjusters prove damages to the insurance carrier. Seven of the roofs were low sloped roofs and the rest were shingled roofs. Some of them experienced minor wind damage while others were in pretty rough shape. The thermal images on the low sloped roofs revealed heavy amounts of suspected moisture being present in the roof systems. 

Post processing is equally as important as capturing quality aerial images. You have to receive the images in an organized format for them to be valuable, otherwise you get a lot of images that show damages and you have no idea where those issues actually exist on the structures. For this project, we included a water mark on each image identifying which building each image was associated with. We also processed a detailed report for each complex identifying all the damages we could visually observe for each building. 

The goal with our involvement was to simply provide efficient documentation of the properties present condition in hopes that the insurance company would process a claim to help expedite repairs. The aerial imagery did a great job at identifying damages saving the client a lot of time and money compared to alternative methods. This being said, we recommend a consultant review our findings as some of the observations would require further inspection to fully understand the extent of damage to get the client the appropriate payout for performing repairs beyond just replacing the roof. 

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