Case Study- Drone Thermal Roof Inspection DFW Texas

We conducted a drone roof inspection on The Oasis Apartments in Denton, TX for Multi- Family Investments. Utilizing a DJI Matrice 210 RTK with an X4s and a Zenmuse XT 640 with Radiometry, we were able to capture images inspecting both the interior and exterior of the roof. This roof is a TPO flat roof system. With todays technology, we can perform more organized and detailed roof inspections, providing you with all the information you need to know to make an educated devision on whether the roof is a total (20% or more) loss or determine what repairs need to be made. The data we provide can be extremely valuable to property management companies, property owners, insurance companies, public adjusters, roofing companies and engineering firms.

When it comes to thermal imaging, you often have a short window around sun rise or sunset to capture the data while the roof temperatures are changing. Drones make this process much quicker, safer and easier. We can organize the information collected much more efficiently, capturing an overview of the roofs condition while having the ability to capture close up images of the issues located within the roof system. Every image is correlated with a gps location, giving us the tools to identify exactly where problems exist on large roof systems. We can process the images of an entire roof into a map to generate measurement tools.

How Can You Benefit?

  • Save time and money by locating where all the moisture exists on the inside of the roof system.
  • Provide your roofer or engineer with a preliminary detailed report putting them right on top of where the issues already exist rather than spending hours looking in areas that aren’t problematic.
  • Calculate a true 20% total loss.
  • Have online measurement tools at your disposal to determine the size of damaged areas and exact locations from other objects on the roof.
  • Use our detailed reports as hard evidence to help win insurance battles faster by proving internal conditions.
  • Compare hight resolution daylight and thermal images to examine the exterior of the roof in correlation with internal exceptions.
  • The use of thermal images can prove a roofs condition prior to a hail storm (must be completed before the storm hits) and its condition afterwards.

What We Deliver

Our deliverable on a project includes a full detailed inspection report, full size images for detailed review and processing, and the option for a processed aerial “map” map of the roof, giving us the ability to perform precise calculations to determine if a roof is a true 20% total loss or not.

Infrared Inspection Report Sample

Full Size Images

Here are a few close up thermal images of a few exceptions we located on this roof we conducted the study on.


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