Case Study: Drone Thermal Roof Scan in Port Lavaca, TX

About the roof and location

This is a small roof, roughly 6,000 square feet, located on the coast of Texas in Port Lavaca, TX. This facility is owned and maintained by Calhoun County and is the local museum. This roof system is comprised of an old modified bitumen construction. Our core samples indicated the structure is comprised of a steel deck, roof insulation, roof board, a base sheet and a cap sheet.



Purpose of inspection

The maintenance staff only requested that we capture images to identify suspected moisture in the roof without processing a detailed report as they had already decided on pursuing a full replacement on the roof. They know the roofs condition is poor as they have made multiple repairs to keep the roof from leaking.

Our findings

When you take a first glance at the thermal images, you might think the entire roof is soaked full of moisture. But after detailed review and comparison to the roofs surface, we only found 1 location with possible moisture. That one location ended up correlating with the area repairs were recently made. Most of these thermal anomalies are cause by the deterioration of the surface of the roof causing a reading pf different temperatures based on the type of material that is exposed to the sun and surface.



Where the report was valuable and useful

Our aerial images helped them in finalizing there decision to proceed with there gut feeling on a full replacement of this roof. We were then able to refer the client to a few of our trusted roofing apartments to provide competitive proposals for an effective replacement of this roof system based on the counties engineers request.

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