Case Study: Commercial Building Inspection for The Dallas Hartford Building

The Hartford Building is located in downtown Dallas, TX. It was built in 1959 and opened for business in 1960 as the regional office for the Hartford Insurance Group. It is recently owned and has been slowly brought back to life by Good Signature Management, a small commercial real estate company that buys old buildings most people dont find value in keeping on the books and brings them back to life again.

The maintenance team for the building is on their A game and does everything they can to improve the buildings appearance and functionality. We conducted an exterior aerial survey of the building, looking for any issues that are difficult to observe or get to without use of a crane, lift or helicopter. We were able to find a few issues that required attention:

1. This building has a cooling tower with 3 fans. One fan shroud had corroded and was blowing debris on to the parking garage next door. The maintenance staff was able to observe and inspect from the inside, but not the outside. We were able to provide them with important information as to the current status of the roof and exterior of the structure.






2. In addition to what we were there to inspect, we were able to identify a few missing shudders as well as some ponding water on the roof. The ponding water was a sign of a deteriorating roof over high voltage electrical equipment and elevator motors.





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