Case Study: Beaumont TX Homeowner Sees $25,000 in Increased Recovery Claim Value After Thermal Home Inspection Shows Suspected Moisture in Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

thermal roof inspection houston and beaumont, tx

Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc on the coast of Texas. Most of the damage was caused because the storm hit and stalled, dumping over 51″ of rain in a short period of time setting new records. Many residents experienced serious flooding, losing almost everything they owned. Fortunately for those effected by the disaster, FEMA and Red Cross exist to help individuals and families in times of need providing temporary housing, medical supplies, food and water. This case study is on a house located in Houston that was under 4 feet of ¬†water for 6 weeks.

The Problem

While insurance is helpful and provides a lot of value in times of great need, there are stipulations individuals must follow to continue receiving assistance while they need it. One being that you are not allowed to bring in legal assistance from lawyers or public adjusters to help you handle your insurance claim, even more if you have suffer any injury for this, depending of the situation or how you received the injury, the use of a Queens NY Injury Lawyer could be helpful for this. When you get a legal team or public adjuster involved in an insurance claim, you typically drag out the claims and repair process on a home by months. FEMA’s goal is to simply get you back in your home as soon as possible. This presents a disadvantage to the home owner who desperately needs the help they receive from FEMA or the Red Cross and an appropriate payout to perform repairs on their homes. The insurance companies have a major upper hand as they always offer payouts on claims to be much lower than they need to be.

Our Findings

thermal home inspector for insurance, texasWe performed a thorough thermal inspection of the home looking specifically at the floors, walls and ceiling. The house has a ceramic tile flooring throughout the entire home. All the walls are a standard construction comprised of drywall and insulation throughout the walls and ceiling.

In our inspection, we were able to identify suspected moisture throughout almost the entire floor. Some areas of the walls and ceilings were missing insulation and suspect of possible moisture as well. Each exception located is correlated with visible images and processed in a detailed report the home owner can provide the insurance company.

Our job is not to provide legal counsel or insurance representation on behalf of the client. Rather, we come in and bring a detailed inspection of the property providing advise based on the evidence and our findings for repair or replacement. Our work does not infringe upon the rules FEMA and Red Cross have setup, but gives the home owner the evidence and peace of mind in knowing what they need replaced and making sure it is completed appropriately.

The Benefits of the Inspection Results

insurance related thermal roof inspection houstonThe home owner was able to show this detailed report to the insurance company to get authorization and payment to replace the entire flooring, all the walls throughout the home, sections of the ceiling and insulation, and properly treat for mold.

The client was able to see an additional $25,000 in increased recovery claim value.

Could a Thermal Roof Inspection Save You Money?

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