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Deploying Drone Technology to a Competitive Advantage

Tarillo Vue deploys drones with various pay loads to help property owners assess and determine building envelope conditions for both commercial and residential properties. We routinely work with public insurance adjusters, lawyers, insurance companies, construction companies and contractors, engineers and essentially property owners. We are brought in on various situations where time is of the essence and budgets can be tight. We are often asked to help document gutter conditions, perform roof assessments, gather preliminary data on curtain walls and facades, identify energy loss, and more. All the images and video captured in the field is edited and delivered in an organized manner, helping to easily identify where issues exist to perform repairs or make decisions accordingly.


We dont just have 1 drone for all of our needs. The Matrice 200 is our inspection and mapping drone capable of deploying cameras that capture up to 4k video, 21mp still shots, have 30x zoom capabilities and thermal cameras with a resolution of 640×512. The Mavic 2 Pro is a small drone perfect for flying indoors and in tight dark spaces for inspection purposes. The Inspire 2 is our creative drone capable of capturing 7k raw video and 24mp still shots. Detachable spot lights up to 1500 lumens help light up dark areas for inspections or light the way for unique creative opportunities at night.

Interested in learning more about how drones can benefit the construction industry? We work with people in many different industries to provide quality documentation deploying drones to help construction companies capture construction progress photos and marketing aerial photography and videography. Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000!

High Resolution Image for Building Envelope Inspections

Our post processing and detailed reporting process identifies problems and maintenance concerns in an organized manor, helping you easily identify where on the building further action needs to be taken. We deliver all the photos we capture in the field, organizing them and processing them into stitch orthomosaics. Video footage and still shots can be edited to include dates and addresses for documentation purposes.


Our operators maintain at least a level 1 thermographers certification or better through the Introspection Institute, allowing us to act as expert witnesses on our findings and understand how to interpret the data we collect. Identifying suspected moisture is not as easy as looking at a thermal picture of a roof a locating all the hot spots.

Recent Projects and Sample Work

This is a project we worked on a while back partnering with an engineering group to inspect the external condition of this historic home in St. Louis. We were able to help the inspector capture high resolution and up close images of damaged areas safely and efficiently. Giving the engineer preliminary data to understand the buildings condition before getting on the roof allows for a more focused inspection approach once actually on the property at a pretty affordable price. We identified multiple issues throughout our process. Click Here to learn more about this project!

The due diligence process is often rushed and budgets are tight when you need to understand property conditions prior to making a purchase. We understand your needs and strive to provide you with beneficial preliminary information as to the condition of the property you are about to purchase as we deploy drones to inspect roofs, windows and exterior walls for possible expensive problems. This project was completed earlier this year here in Dallas, TX.  Click Here to learn more about this project!

The Hartford Building in Downtown Dallas, TX is a pretty cool old building. Many old buildings come with their set of problems. This property was purchased as an investment opportunity and the owner had some problems they could not easily access to examine in detail. We were able to deploy drones to safely and efficiently capture aerial photos documenting some of the issues this building was experiencing at the time.  Click Here to learn more about this project!

Tarillo Vue was hired to capture aerial photos documenting the present condition of a tile roof on a historic hotel down in Bonita Springs, FL. The hotel had suffered a fair amount of roof damage after Hurricane Irma. The law firm needed quality imaging and documentation of the roofs present condition to help the property owner process an insurance claim and make sure they get an appropriate payout to cover the cost for a new roof. Click Here to learn more about this project!

Large roofing manufacturers, such as GAF, often require a thermal roof inspection be completed before a warranty can be issued on putting a second roof system over an existing one. It is important for property owners to understand the long term damage trapping moisture within a roof structure can cause. Roof manufacturers know it is not in their own best interest, let alone the property owners, to install a new roof system that further traps existing moisture. Click Here to learn more about this project!

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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