Considering Aerial Photography Drones to Shoot Dallas Real Estate?

Dallas Ft. Worth realtors are using drone photo images to better market their properties

Image courtesy of Mark LaBoyteaux at Hawkeye Media, Dallas Texas.

Drone Imagery and Video: a game changer for Dallas, Texas realtors?

The game is changing for residential and commercial realtors in Dallas as aerial photography shot from drones is growing in usage.

It’s not uncommon now to view a listing of a home, a commercial building or property and be able to watch video as well as look at traditional, still images. In fact, many realtors are now using aerial photography to separate themselves from other realtors. What is now a competitive advantage might soon become standard practice.

Getting a ‘birds eye view’ of a large piece of property can help sellers ‘sell’ and can help potential buyers get a better perspective on the property they’re interested in.

Here are a few things to think about if you’re considering drones for your real estate company:

  • Drones have more uses than you realize
  • Drones make overhead imagery affordable
  • Drones are here to stay

The article Using Drones for Real Estate Photography at offers some interesting uses for realtors including:

  • Aerial views that showcase all of the property being marketed — not just what a handheld camera will show
  • What the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like — that’s remarkable to think about
  • An overview of the surrounding area, neighborhood or other properties
  • The home or business’ proximity to shopping, airports, roadways and more

While a variety of uses is important, the costs of taking aerial photography from drones is becoming more affordable as well. Depending on your needs and intended use, you have options.

Dallas realtors have 2 options for acquiring overhead images and video

First, realtores can purchase a drone (whether independently or as a company) and then use that drone for images. Note: while owning and operating a drone may cut costs, someone will have to manage the actual photoshoots or filming, not to mention the actual flying of the drone. Plus, images will need to be edited and manipulated for commercial use. So while there is a monetary costs, there is potentially a ‘time cost’ of learning about the drone, about photography, editing and marketing.

The other option of course is to utilize outside vendors who can do all of the work for you and deliver a final product. Currently, that’s the approach most realtors in DFW are taking when it comes to drone imagery for their properties. And the reality is that the costs associated with outsourcing are not really that expensive, especially if they can help turn over listings faster.

Yes. Drones are here to stay

As mention in the article, “drones are already in the sky — being used for a variety of applications, including law enforcement, telecommunications, weather monitoring and more — and they’re going to stay there. The FAA is currently issuing permits at a rate of approximately 250 per month and is using summary grants to speed up exemption approvals — with photography being 50 percent of the usage requests — and estimates that around 7,500 commercial small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) will be in operation within five years after commercial use is approved.”

Learn more about using drones images to better market your properties.

If you’re considering using drone images to market your residential or commercial properties, Tarillo Vue can provide helpful information and potential solutions to match your needs, requirements and budget.

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