Dallas Wind Damage Drone Detailed Imaging- The Crescent Court

Dallas Texas got hit pretty hard with a substantial wind storm back in early June of 2019 where winds reached up to about 70mph. This storm cause a lot of damage and kept us busy for a few months after documenting storm damages for commercial building owners in the process of pursuing insurance claims. We have represented both sides, the policy holder or building owner and the insurance carrier. One big project we took on was documenting the present condition of the slate roof on the Crescent in Uptown Dallas as it experienced serious damage from the wind. Our job was to document the condition prior to even touching the roof as they had us come out the day after the storm hit.

Many companies do not take the time to document storm damage property conditions before performing permanent or temporary repairs when this is potentially more important than performing the repair itself. You will obviously want to file an insurance claim to have the costs of repairs paid for by your insurance policy. But if you don’t properly document the damages caused by the storm and you went ahead and performed repairs, how will you show the insurance company what the problems were? Sure, they will probably still pay the claim in the long run, but not performing this crucial step could substantially delay the claims process and become a frustrating experience for both parties.

Many times, the insurance carrier will bring in there own team of engineers and experts. But in many cases, it is wise to have your own team representing the property owner to further ensure proper property assessments are completed to get a fair assessment of damages and get a good idea of costs to perform repairs appropriately with the claim paid out.

Here are some photos we captured of The Crescent in Dallas as the property management team and lead engineer on site took the proper steps in documenting the buildings condition prior to cleaning up and pursuing repairs. If we can help you document property damages cause by storms in Texas, we have the resources to deploy our team expeditiously to get the job done fast and right the first time.

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