Do You Need Detailed Thermal Roof Inspection Reporting for Your Commercial Properties in Dallas?

Most likely, you will need detailed reporting whether for your own use, insurance purposes or documentation for other service providers.

At Tarillo Vue, we understand the need for detailed reports and documentation when manage a roof inspection. Our commercial roof inspection reports are thorough and provide details you might not typically find from similar services.

We provide:

  • A side by side comparison of visible images vs thermal.
  • Highlighted areas of suspected moisture and information on which leaks we think are correlate to moisture within the roof.
  • Calculations of how much of the roof system contains moisture.
  • Identification of which of the suspected areas are actually wet from coring or moisture probing if requested.
  • A detailed description of our findings and suspicions based on the engineering reports, weather data, roof information, etc.

>> Click Here to Read a 19-Page PDF (a sample of the detailed reporting we provide) <<
*link will open to a new tab/page on your brower – please feel free to download and read through at your convenience.

Want to learn more about our roof inspection reporting?

We can provide more specifics and answer more questions when you call at (214) 842-6000. Plus, we’ll provide a free estimate on your project.

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