Do You Need Quality Drone Operators for Video and Movie Productions in Dallas Texas?

Aerial videography has always provided a cool twist in film. Today, drone technology has allowed us to capture similar shots and more at a much more affordable rate.

Everyone wants to see some cool drone footage these days, giving you a need to provide it. Whether you are producing a movie, commercial, short film, documentary, tv show, wedding or any other kind of professional grade video work, you have a vision for the exact shots your looking capture. What you need is a drone operator who can safely capture that desired look.

Tarillo Vue provides high quality aerial videography for production groups throughout Texas. We can deploy either a 1 or 2 pilot team with the ability to capture from 4k to 7k raw video quality, giving us the ability to handle almost any aerial videography need that comes across your plate.

We have a long term waiver allowing us to operate legally at night with a visual observer. We are asked to help with a lot of different drone videography projects for different production groups and are asked to do a lot of crazy stuff. Our operators have years of experience flying drones, giving them the confidence to safely capture some of the craziest requests without putting anyone in danger.

Our most recent highlight reel shows a good blend of beautiful scenery and action shots. All shots that were captured for production sets. Since we completed that highlight reel, we have done multiple care commercials for Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, a few real estate commercial for companies in Houston, and weddings.

If you have a project you need quality aerial videography on, give us a call at (214) 842-6000 to discuss the project and learn how we can help!

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