Drone Aerial Photography for Flooded Properties, Buildings and Assets in Texas

North Texas has been getting a lot of rain lately. If you study this aerial photo closely, you can probably guess that all the water pictured should not be here. Many people near the main rivers and lakes have experienced high water levels. This is a flooded construction site outside of Rosser, TX right along the Trinity River. The river levels got so high that it flooded this 60′ deep construction site and everything that was in it. The yellow crane sticking out of the water is a good indication of the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets and equipment that are submerged under the water. The engineer suspects it will take roughly 2- 3 weeks to drain the water from this site, delaying this project for potentially months.

The construction company wanted to use a drone to capture legal documentation of the flood levels for insurance purposes. We will be back on site as soon as the water has receded to document what equipment and assets are totaled due to the flooded site. The construction company will be able to use this to prove what equipment was actually totaled for efficient replacement to help get the construction project back in motion.

To learn more about how drones can help you provide legal aerial photography documentation of assets and equipment in times of difficulty, such as flooding, contact us today at (214) 842-6000!

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