Drone Applications for Energy Providers

The use of drones is expanding in many industries as technology only gets better by the year. For utilities companies and energy providers, we can provide thermal drone inspections, aerial mapping and imaging, and LIDAR services to help you complete a job more efficiently and effectively. Our team at Tarillo Vue operates legally under the guidelines and regulations set forth by the FAA and are fully insured. All of our pilots are certified UAV operators and where applicable, have at least a level 1 thermographers certification.

We utilize the DJI Matrice 210RTK- D (drone) paired with the Zenmuse XT 640 with Radiometry thermal camera and X4S 2omp camera. This combination gives us standard and thermal HD eyes in the sky from an extremely stable platform. This drone is designed to deter strong magnetic interference, making it much safer and easier to fly near high powered powerlines.

Drone Thermal Inspections

When we conduct an IR inspection, we are simply looking for hot spots on power line components. We often perform inspections on newly constructed, active and re- activated power grids. Some of the components and problems we can identify are:

  • Failing lightning Arrestors
  • Loose connections
  • Overheating bushings
  • Bad strands on cables
  • Poor ground or nuetrals
  • Bad insulators/ cutouts
  • Capacitors
  • and more

In past inspections, we have located hot spots on insulators, cut out doors, lightning arrestor and possible loose connections. Once the hot spots are located, components are identified, load data and component ambient temperature data is collected, we provide a full detailed report on the hot spots located giving you the information needed to conduct a physical inspection to make repairs accordingly. The use of this process makes it easy to plan everything out, be prepared for what parts and components are needed, avoid power outages and down times, spending time locating where the failures took place and what else was affected. All the photos we capture are GPS located, making it easy to locate where in the field the problems exist and identify exactly where the problem is on the line.

Click Here to view sample inspection photos and a sample report.

Aerial Imaging and Mapping

The resolution and accuracy we can provide with drones to create aerial maps is like nothing else we have ever seen before. If we can coordinate with a land surveying crew to capture GCP’s (Ground Control Points), we can guarantee an accuracy of 3- 5cm. Once images are captured in the field and┬áprocessing is complete, possible deliverable exports include:

  • 2D Orthomosaic Model- We can provide high resolution exports ( as good as .4″/ pixel of the image). These are exportable in JPG or GeoTIFF formats.
  • Elevation Survey (as is with plants, vegetation, structures, etc.)- Exports available in GeoTIFF, JPG, Raw Elevation Values (DEM), Contour DXF (AutoCAD), Contour SHP (Shape File)
  • 3D Model- Exported as an OBJ file, we can deliver a full 3D model of the field and what it looks like with trees, structures, etc.
  • Point Cloud- We can export .las and .xyz point clouds.
  • Exports without Plants, Vegetation, Strutures, etc.- These exports provide us with a true portrayal actual ground level elevations and studies. We can have shrubs, trees, tall grass, buildings and anything else in the way removed to put together an true ground level survey.

Using drones, we can capture a birds eye view of all the assets and equipment in the field for documentation and office use. These images are high resolution and help you know what you have in the field without having to drive out there or be onsite to properly communicate with your field crews.

LIDAR on Drones

We have the ability to utilize LIDAR technology on drones to more affordably build out accurate 3D models of power lines in relation to ground levels to calculate line sags. Having these 3D models would also be valuable for new construction planning.

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