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Tarillo Vue Provides Aerial Imaging to Help You Document Commercial & Residential Roof Conditions Throughout the Country

Sample Report

We provide a unique service deploying drones with high resolution thermal and visible imagers to perform infrared roof scans on commercial roofs. Working with roofing companies, public adjusters, lawyers, engineers, insurance providers and essentially property owners, we are able to provide this service on a national scale. At Tarillo Vue, we strive to help you visually understand the present condition of your roof through our detailed reporting process. Once we complete an infrared or thermal roof scan, confirm the presence of suspected moisture with physical testing such os moisture probe metering or using a Tramex, the condition of a roof is quite difficult to argue with. For tile or shingled roof structures, visible imaging from a drone is a great resource to help document and understand what is wrong with a roof without having to spend a lot of time on it.


Having a comprehensive and visual understanding of the condition of a roof is useful for determining if repair or replacement is best, helping to more efficiently inspect a roof for moisture content, provide documentation on roof conditions for insurance claims and for legal battles or litigation. This technology works well on Modified Bitumen, Built Up Roofs(preferably with gravel and aggregate removed), TPO, EPDM and even Aluminum roof structures. These systems work well because of the construction. Directly beneath the roofs surface or membrane is insulation. When it gets wet, it creates a hotter temperature on the surface of the membrane that can be easily detected with infrared imaging.

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem with your roof you can consider services from Lichfield-waterproofing.co.uk/roofer-tamworth/, they will take care of all the repairs needed.

Interested in learning more about how drone thermal roof scans can benefit your business? We work with people in many different industries to provide quality documentation of roof conditions deploying drones with both thermal and visible imagers. Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000!

Tarillo Vue Helps You Understand Commercial Roof Conditions From A Unique Perspective

Our detailed reporting process clearly identifies from a direct overhead perspective the where suspected moisture is present. If we are asked to, we then test the areas we see thermal activity and confirm if moisture is present. Our report clearly identifies where we confirm the wet and dry areas throughout the roof system. We also can easily calculate how much moisture exists compared to the total square footage of the roof system to help formulate quotes based on the evidence and understanding the costs associated with all your options.

Our operators maintain at least a level 1 thermographers certification or better through the Introspection Institute, allowing us to act as expert witnesses on our findings and understand how to interpret the data we collect. Identifying suspected moisture is not as easy as looking at a thermal picture of a roof a locating all the hot spots.

Recent Projects and Sample Work

We were brought in by a roofing and waterproofing engineering/ consulting group based here in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area to help capture how much of the roof contains suspected moisture by using a drone to capture infrared/ thermal images of the roof. We identified quite a bit of moisture in the system which the Engineering firm followed up on to confirm the presence of with further testing. The owner of the building recently won’t a law suit and are trying to determine the best route to take with repairing or replacing the existing roof. To learn more about this project, click here.

We partnered with Venture Construction Group of Florida to document roof conditions for a condominium association. The purpose of this project was to capture aerial images showing the attempt to temporarily stop leaks from roof damage with the tarps and document the damage we could see outside of what has been covered up for an insurance claim. Proper documentation to eliminate any problems the insurance carrier may have can save you and your client a lot of time and head ache. To learn more about this project, click here.

Thermal imaging is a great resource for roofing companies and property owners to determine the how much damage exists in a roof system for trying to decide whether repair or replacement is best. We were able to identify a small area with suspected moisture, meaning this roof was a great candidate for a repair rather than replacement. To learn more about this project, click here.

Large roofing manufacturers, such as GAF, often require a thermal roof inspection be completed before a warranty can be issued on putting a second roof system over an existing one. It is important for property owners to understand the long term damage trapping moisture within a roof structure can cause. Roof manufacturers know it is not in their own best interest, let alone the property owners, to install a new roof system that further traps existing moisture. To learn more about this project, click here.

Tarillo Vue partners with an Engineering group that performs roof inspections on properties throughout the country. We helped them capture aerial photos and document the condition of this historic homes old roof by capturing high resolution close up images of issues. The home owner needed repairs completed to stop active leaks. To learn more about this project, click here.

The county detention center in Port Lavaca, TX visually observed some minor roof damage caused by hurricane Harvey back in 2017. The property managers wanted to make sure they didn’t experience any internal damage by inspecting for moisture intrusion. We were able to help provide peace of mind as we were unable to identify any moisture within the roof system. To learn more about this project, click here.

Tarillo Vue provides drone thermal roof inspections for roofing companies, public adjusters, lawyers, insurance providers and property owners. Our operators maintain a level 1 thermographers certification or better through the Infraspection Institute. We process our findings into a detailed report that is customizable to your specific needs and budget for each project.

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BUR (Gravel Built Up Roof Systems) Thermal Roof Scan

Mod Bit (Modified Bitumen Roof) Thermal Roof Scan

EPDM (Ethyline Propolyne Diene Terpolymer) Thermal Roof Scan

TPO (Thermoplastic Roof Systems) Thermal Roof Scan

How We Can Help

We can be as involved as you need us to be in documenting and inspection your roof. Deploying drones, we can capture aerial photos, aerial thermal images, hand held infrared imaging marking the roof as we identify suspected moisture, perform non destructive testing to confirm the presence of moisture in a roof, utilize moisture probe meters to confirm moisture, and process either a basic report or detailed report (for insurance claims and litigation) clearly laying out what we found.

Aerial Thermal/ Visible Imaging

Utilizing the DJI Matrice 210 paired with the Zenmuse XT 640R and X4S, we can capture high resolution aerial thermal and visible images for inspection purposes.  We capture thermal images at 640x 512 and visible images are 20mp. We capture both types of images from directly overhead at a high elevation and zoomed in on different sections of the roof. We also capture obliques from every side and corner of the building to ensure you can review every angle of the roof from the images captures.

Handheld Thermal/ Visible Imaging

Once the aerial inspection is complete, we can narrow in and focus on the problems located with the handheld inspection and physical walk through. Utilizing the hand held thermal camera, we identify those problematic areas in detail and mark the roof accordingly. The infrared images are capture at a 640x 512 resolution and visible images are 12mp or better.

Roof Inspection Options

You have the ability to choose how you would like us to be involved in the inspection process. Each of these steps are becoming industry standard to help companies prove or disprove roof moisture and determine whether repair or replacement are the proper solution based on the facts and numbers alone:

  • Using drones, planes or helicopters, we will provide a thermal roof scan from an aerial perspective capturing all the areas of suspected moisture that require further review and inspection. This includes both thermal and visible imaging. Having this information saves a lot of time on the roof since we now know what areas we need to focus our physical inspection on.
  • Based on the data collected from the air, we then perform a hand held thermal and visible inspection on the roof outlining the issues located while providing a thorough walk through inspecting the inside of the building for active leak locations and surface of the roof for tares, punctures and issues with welds in efforts to locate where the problems originate from.
  • To prove our findings, we then finalize the inspection process by performing core sampling or moisture probing to physically confirm the areas we suspect moisture within the roof system.

By utilizing all three inspection methods, we can gather all the information and data needed to help you make educated decisions on whether to perform repairs or full replacement on commercial roof systems based on the numbers and evidence alone. This process also helps with determining if a roof is 20% or more total loss based on moisture content within the roof system to process insurance claims or help with legal battles.


We can process the information we gather from our inspections in 2 different formats. A more detailed report can be processed for insurance claims and litigation, click here to see a sample of a detailed report. Alternatively, we can process a more basic report that helps to visually represent our findings for maintenance purposes, but doesn’t identify how much suspected moisture is present in the roof system. Click here to see a sample of a basic report.

Measurements and Annotations

No matter how simple or complex your roof is, we can process a detailed measurement and annotations report providing you with total square footage,  coping cap lengths, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, pitches and much more. This data and information can help you consider replacement costs in correlation with the tangible evidence provided in our detailed reporting.

Sample Report

Total Moisture Calculations

In our processing, we have the ability to highlight the areas suspect of moisture and provide a calculate what percentage and square footage the roof is compromised. This calculation is highly beneficial when determining if a roof is a 20% total loss in insurance eyes or when determining if you need to consider repair or replacement on a roof. We can stitch and overlay both thermal and visible images to provide you with measurements and calculation on the areas of concern.

Sample Report

Tarillo Vue provides commercial aerial mapping & surveying solutions for businesses across Texas.

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