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Tarillo Vue Provides Detailed Aerial Roof Inspections on Commercial & Residential Properties Throughout the Country

We deploy the latest in todays drone technology to better document the present condition of both commercial and residential roof structures throughout the United States. We routinely work with engineering firms, consultants, roofing companies, insurance adjusters, public adjusters, lawyers and property owners. Our goal is to provide you better documentation and give you a good visual representation as to the condition of your roof or property.

Our goal is simple. We strive to provide an unbiased condition assessment on every roof that gives you a good visual representation as to what is going on in your roof. On commercial low sloped and flat roofs, observe where we suspect moisture to be present within the roof, confirm it through further physical testing and process a detailed report according to our findings. On shingle, tile or slate roof structures, we document the exterior condition of the roof using UAV based high resolution visible imaging where we can easily observe hail damage, wind damage, openings in the roof, cracked tiles and much much more. If requested, we can process reports that identify damages we visually observe. We also offer a unique program for commercial properties interested in a proactive maintenance program.

Having a comprehensive and visual understanding of the condition of a roof is useful for determining if repair or replacement is best, helping to more efficiently inspect a roof for moisture content, provide documentation on roof conditions for insurance claims and for legal battles or litigation. This technology works well on Modified Bitumen, Built Up Roofs(preferably with gravel and aggregate removed), TPO, EPDM and even Aluminum roof structures. These systems work well because of the construction. Directly beneath the roofs surface or membrane is insulation. When it gets wet, it creates a hotter temperature on the surface of the membrane that can be easily detected with infrared imaging.

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We identify moisture in commercial roofs with thermal and visible images using a drone, confirm moisture with further physical testing and process a detailed report that calculates how much of the roof contains moisture.

Using drones with high resolution cameras, we capture detailed images observing hail damage, wind damage, broken or missing shingles or tiles and more, processing detailed reports based on visual observations.

Roof Maintenance Program

Our maintenance programs are designed for those who wish to be proactive with maintaining their assets. We inspect for damages and bring in a preferred roofing contractor to perform necessary repairs.

Check out our recent work and learn more about how we routinely work with roofing companies, consultants, engineers, adjusters, insurance carriers, lawyers, estimators and more providing value with our roof inspection services.

Services We Provide

  • High resolution aerial imaging for documenting the exterior condition of both residential and commercial roof structures.
  • Process reports that highlight damages from our visual observations.
  • Thermal Imaging: Utilizing the DJI Matrice 210 paired with the Zenmuse XT 640R and X4S, we can capture high resolution aerial thermal and visible images for inspection purposes.  We capture thermal images at 640x 512 and visible images are 20mp. We capture both types of images from directly overhead at a high elevation and zoomed in on different sections of the roof. We also capture obliques from every side and corner of the building to ensure you can review every angle of the roof from the images captures.
  • Moisture Meter testing using Flir and Tramex moisture meters.
  • Moisture probing using Flir moisture test.
  • Process detailed reports that calculate how much moisture is present in a commercial roof.
  • Roof Measurement Reports : No matter how simple or complex your roof is, we can process a detailed measurement and annotations report providing you with total square footage,  coping cap lengths, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, pitches and much more. This data and information can help you consider replacement costs in correlation with the tangible evidence provided in our detailed reporting.

How You Can Benefit From This Service

  • Get detailed high resolution documentation of property damage immediately after a storm for insurance claims.
  • See what your eyes cannot and get a good visual representation of the extent of damages while identifying where moisture is present in a roof system.
  • Get good visual data on roof conditions for determining best methods for repairing damaged roofs.
  • Run estimates based on the present damages.
  • Reduce liability by getting a good understanding of a roofs condition before ever stepping foot on the roof, especially on dangerous roofs.
  • Save time and operate much more efficiently by knowing where you need to spend your time on the roof from reviewing the detailed images taken on a roof before ever stepping foot on the roof.
  • We rarely recommend using a drone as a stand along inspection tool, but do feel confident in its ability to help streamline your roof inspection process drastically cutting costs.


Tarillo Vue provides roof inspection services for various companies throughout the country.

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