Drone Thermal Roof Inspection- Richardson, TX

The demand for the use of drones with thermal cameras to inspect commercial roof systems is growing rapidly. If you are a company involved in the commercial roofing industry and do not have the use of drones incorporated in your practice somehow, you are missing out on a big opportunity. We used thermal imaging from a drone to help a property management company for an office building locate where 2 leaks were most likely coming from. We located 2 areas we suspected moisture intrusion and provided a full report to the roofing company for physical inspection and repairs. This process saved the roofer a lot of time and the property management company a lot of hassle as we were able to help get the problem corrected more quickly and efficiently.

Drones help to give you a close up direct overhead view of the problem at hand. As thermographers, we constantly deal with what we call heat reflections from other objects effecting our images. Capturing a direct overhead shot takes that element out of the equation and lets us get up close in comparison to the use of airplanes. We dont even need access to physically get on the roof, meaning the property management team doesn’t have to be on site at unusual hours.

Thermal Overhead Image

Thermal Roof

Thermal Close Up Image of 2 Exceptions Located (near the top and bottom small AC units affixed on the roof)

Locate Roof Moisture with Infrared

Infrared Thermal Roof Imaging from Drone

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