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Tarillo Vue Provides Aerial Wildlife Surveys Using Drones w/ High Resolution Thermal and Visible Imaging/ Video Capabilities in North Texas

We dont just love drones.. we are avid outdoorsmen and hunters who love getting out of the concrete jungle to hit the dirt road. We know the importance of maintaining a healthy heard and understanding how much wildlife you have on your property to ensure healthy numbers in the future. Having passion for what you do drives excellence, and our goal is to provide you with the best deliverable todays technology can achieve.


We bring a unique technique to the table to help you perform more effective wildlife surveys in North Texas. By automating a drone- based wildlife survey, we can more effectively count how much wildlife is on the property without having to count “on the fly.” We put every property through the same process to systematically capture aerial video documenting every animal we see. Infrared technology helps us to easily identify where animals are during colder months, even if they are bedded down in thick and wooded areas. Using a drone means your not scaring the wildlife giving you a better chance to gather accurate counts before they scatter. Drones have the ability to count wildlife more accurately and consistently compared to alternative observing methods using binoculars from helicopters or airplanes where you make your counts on the spot.

Interested in learning more about how drones can more effectively help you perform heard counts and wild life surveys? We routinely work with property owners throughout North Texas. Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000!

Tarillo Vue Helps You Perform More Accurate Wildlife Counts in North Texas

We have studied and performed many of our own case studies before launching this program. Our research has led to concluding that if a drone survey is performed properly, you will see more consistent accurate results. We put every property through the same process. During the day, we fly the whole property in a grid shaped flight pattern capturing visible and thermal aerial aerial video along the way, documenting any wildlife visible along the way. Once we complete everything during the day, we do it again at night when the thermal imaging will give us better results compared to the visible imaging having a better result during the day. This process does not spook the wildlife or cause them to run and counting the same animals twice is a rare occurrence as long as our team pays close attention. Capturing video footage along the way allows us to not have to rely on just what we see while were in the field, we can review video footage in the office multiple times from different angles to make sure we count everything without fail. Performing a 2 surveys within a 24 hour period helps us get a better perspective on accurate wildlife counts.

Recent Projects and Sample Work

This last hunting season we had a few property owners ask us to come out with the drone and thermal camera to help hunt for hogs. We obviously fell in love with the idea. Doing this sparked our curiosity as we were seeing a lot more than hogs on these night time hunts. After doing some research and performing a few in house tests of our own, we got an opportunity… (click here to continue reading)

We want to help you with your surveying needs and understand budgets can be a major concern. Thats why we have custom packages to meet everyones need s and/ or budgets!

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Thermal Image of White Tail Deer

Thermal Image of Wild Hogs

Tarillo Vue provides aerial infrared and traditional wildlife surveys for property owners in North Texas.

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