Features and Uses of Our Newest Drone- The DJI Matrice 210 RTK

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Tarillo Vue is growing! We are excited to be adding the DJI Matrice 210RTK to our fleet. With this acquisition comes many advantages, and its our customers who benefit. This drone comes outfitted with everything we need to help our clients identify difficult problems and conduct routine inspections to prevent major problems from arising and develops more accurate maps than the market has ever seen!

The DJI Matrice 210RTK features a water resistant and weather adverse body. We can mount multiple cameras at once, allowing us to capture both thermal and regular images at the same time for side by side inspection comparisons. We can even mount a camera on top of the drone for inspecting those hard to reach places under bridges, structures above bodies of water, and more. Advanced battery technology gives us 38 minutes of flight time. What is even more impressive is what’s inside. The multiple compasses, gps systems, measurement units and barometers allow for precise image locating and deter any magnetic interference that could jeopardize that capture location. The aircraft is equipped with sensors all around to avoid obstacles. Built in ADS-B receivers help identify other aircraft operating in the area utilizing ADS-B transmitters. With proper FAA approval, we can fly up to 2 or 3 miles from the launching location.

So what do all of these features mean for you? With the use of high resolution imaging, high zoom cameras, LIDAR and thermal imaging, the possibilities are almost endless! We can safely and accurately fly and inspect high voltage power lines and substations without concerns of magnetic interference. We can accurately map out, measure and inspect underground pipelines and flow lines, giving you pin point accuracy on where these pipes travel and identifying exactly where problems exist. We can perform wildlife counts without interrupting there present activities. Inspect a building that is on fire for a fire department before taking the risk to walk on a compromised roof and not be concerned with the drone getting wet from fire hoses. Quickly get an overview a roofs integrity while still being able to identify the specific problematic areas. Find out where a building sees the most energy loss. We can conduct aerial maps with an accuracy of as little as 2- 3cm.

These applications have been proven to be beneficial for the oil and gas industry, Structural, civil and Survey engineers, property management companies and building owners, public insurance adjusters, farmers, utilitiy and electric providers and more.

The possibilities are as capable as your imagination is to find practical uses. We love brain storming new ideas for various industries on how drones can help make your business more efficient. To learn more about what we can do, give us a call today at (214) 842-6000.


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