How Can Drones Help with Hurricane Florence Damage?

Hurricanes, whether they are a category 5 or 2, bring mass destruction and chaos to an area with limited warning time as they can be somewhat unpredictable until they actually hit land. It’s an insurance companies worsts night mare. Insurance carriers lose billions of dollars in paid out claims from these massive storms and property owners experience much head ache with the time consuming process of cleaning up from damages, processing insurance claims, then getting the property back to a working order.
The Carolinas just experienced mother nature’s wrath as Florence makes landfall at a category 2 hurricane. The coast experienced strong winds and heavy rains. More inland, the concern was more about flooding. Many property owners experienced damage in different ways.
Whether you are the insurance provider, property owner, or a company that represents either side, you have a need to document property conditions effectively and efficiently. Drones present an opportunity to solve that need at an affordable rate for both commercial and residential properties alike.

Trinity River Flooding Photography

Drones for Aerial Documentation and Scouting

Deploying a drone gives you the ability to quickly capture aerial photos and video to document the condition of a roof or property allowing you to easily show the property owner or insurance company What is wrong to expedite the repair process. We are often asked to perform our aerial survey first. Once our data has been collected and reviewed, you can then determine if what was completed is sufficient to understand the extent of damages or if further physical inspection is necessary. When it comes to commercial properties, performing and aerial thermal roof scan is invaluable, but should not be used as a stand alone inspection tool.
Rather than only having the ability to inspect a few properties in a day, you can deploy an experienced drone team to efficiently document often 30 or 40 buildings in a day.
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