How Drones with Thermal Imagers Can Help Lawyers

Lawyers who often represent commercial property owners work with a lot of unique cases. Anything from battling under paid or denied insurance claims to lawsuits against roofing companies who do not install roofs properly, severely damaging the structure causing costly damage, while in case of damage or injury issues, the use of injury attorneys is necessary which you can find here at the website online.

There are many tools and resources in the marketplace today to help you build evidence for your case. The use of drones to capture high resolution overhead imaging may be one resource you haven’t thought about that could be a game changer. The technologies ability to quickly and efficiently document the condition of a property or commercial roof is un matched by alternative methods.

Tarillo Vue exists to help companies leverage drone technology for a competitive advantage and we want to become one of your most valued tools when you have a need. Our services are unique, helping you prove a roofs condition, inside and out. We capture high resolution visible and thermal images along with 4k video if needed. Our detailed reporting process identifies suspected moisture within a roof system and correlates the damage with exterior conditions. In our processing, we can even calculate how much suspected moisture is present which can be enough to deem the roof a total loss depending on the language in the policy. With todays resources, you can easily correlate our report and roof condition analysis with detailed historical weather data.

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